Tools for Writers

* * *

Some things that may (or may not) assist with the craft.

The Scene Outline
A Timely Reminder of the Simple Things About Story

Fortune, Fortunate
A Moment of Grace
The Answer
A Presentation
Is It Real?
What to do with that word?

A Word …


How it all comes together …


The books I recommend for craft skills:

Save the Cat, Blake Snyder;
Story Engineering, Larry Brooks; (& Story Physics)
Syd Field – any of his books
Randy Ingermanson – The Snowflaker bloke
The Writers Journey, Christopher Vogler;
Story, Robert McKee;
WEA courses on Creative Writing {City of Adelaide} – straight talkin’, great message, good learnin’

From the 5bayby14u desk (pdf):

A Little Piece of Advice
A Matter of Interpretation
A Scene Check List
A Timely Reminder of The Simple Things About Story
And Then Along Came
Being a Newbie Author
Blank Page Syndrome
Chain of Events
Describe your desk
From Concept to Storyboard
Going on a Journey
Good Places for a Writer to Visit
Moving and Shaking
Short Words Syndrome
Still more of Where Are We
The Epublish
The Mark of Story Infinity
The Story Wall
Three Dimensions of Thee
Tools to Write By