Tools for Writers

* * *

Some things that may (or may not) assist with the craft.

What to do with that word?
A Word …


And What Do You Do?
What Happens Now?
How it all comes together …
From Concept to Storyboard
Sunday post?- No, Saturday!!
A New Member of the Team
The Second Quartile
I’m Back . . .



The books I recommend for craft skills:

Save the Cat, Blake Snyder;
Story Engineering, Larry Brooks; (& Story Physics)
Syd Field – any of his books
The Writers Journey, Christopher Vogler;
Story, Robert McKee;
WEA courses on Creative Writing {City of Adelaide} – straight talkin’, great message, good learnin’

Something I recently re-discovered is the From: To: aspect of Story (also applies to scene, sequence, Act).

From: Wanderer To: Warrior
From: Blinded by Trust To: A New Beginning
From: student To: Leader
From: wallflower To: Magi
From: Death To: Life

Looks a lot like ‘the six things’ doesn’t it?