Works in Progress

Next Cab/s off the Rank:

Some of the following stories will be co-written with Nan, otherwise known as Rose Brimson, storyteller extraordinaire; some with Shannon Hunter, who loves the YA Fantasy; some with Karel Jaeger, who writes and loves darker fantasy; and some with Cisi De, a young voice, a new voice, a changeling.

The Valki of Three Salt Springs
Contemp Urban(rural) Fantasy/Horror
An untested Sylph runs away from her fate, and her mistake – straight into the arms of her mortal enemy: a gnaDenaiad harridan.

Monis Glinker – Priestess Unburdened with Karel Jaeger. 2018 Adult Fantasy
When the beast murders her daughter, the High Priestess removes herself from office. She has a new task – vengeance.

Tour Cage Dunn
Adult Contemp, travel/outback, Australiana, Women’s Fiction

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse by Cage Dunn Oct 2018
Adult Contemp, Rural Australia, thriller, light romance

The Second Battle of the Wild Hunt by Cage Dunn. Fantasy/Action-Adventure
In Progress: Terrani dreams of becoming part of the Wild Hunt, but when his sister is abducted by slavers, and no one offers to rescue her, he leaves all he knows to find the only person who believes in him.

Sneak Peeks at WattPadd!!  This is the first 20-25% of the (hopefully finished) story.

A Woman’s Footprint in the Stone of Time
The Tagalong Kid
Dragons and Beer to Go – with Karel Jaeger
The Thorny Border
Dingoes, Dixies, and Donga’s
The Opuscule of Ozzie stories 

There are many more awaiting a spin of the story-wheel of fortune.

Finit – The End – Done – Available:


Sci-fi, Action-Adv, Fantasy, Historical themes – An inexperienced corporal must endure night picquet, alone on watch against the horde.

Not On The Cards

Urban Fantasy/Arcane/soft sci-fi – nominated! – A mother’s loss vs the millions of lives in the Icosa – which will the Gate-Keeper choose?


Fantasy/Military – An ordinary soldier must ensure Agoness, daughter of the Father Holy, lives – despite her sentence of death by pyre.

Who Will Rule Magic?

Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile – Fantasy Allegory – Can Cocky save the world from the rule of Overlord Cat?

Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert

YA Fantasy – The choice is simple: slavery, or chase the horse master across the desert of death.

Short Stories:

Stories in Shorts, Dogs n Cats n Us, Purpose

— More will follow!



If there’s anything you want to read, any title that tugs at your desire to know what it’s about, do this: email me

 Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.comAdding to the cup will contribute to the update of covers … as you can see, they need help!

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