Works in Progress

Next Cab/s off the Rank:

Some of the following stories will be co-written with Nan, otherwise known as Rose Brimson, storyteller extraordinaire; some with Shannon Hunter, who loves the YA Fantasy; some with Karel Jaeger, who writes and loves darker fantasy; and some with Cisi De, a young voice, a new voice, a changeling.

Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert with Shannon Hunter October 2017 YA Fantasy
An orphan girl escapes the City of the Wall and the cruel Master of Gold – to chase her dream of the Red Desert horses and the Master of Horse, only to find the Master of Gold isn’t going to let her go until he takes what she doesn’t know she’s got.

The Valki of Three Salt Springs with Rose Brimson  November 2017 Contemp Fantasy
An untested Sylph runs away from her fate, and her mistake – straight into the arms of her mortal enemy: a gnaDenaiad harridan.

Monis Glinker – Priestess Unburdened with Karel Jaeger December 2017 Adult Fantasy
When the beast murders her daughter, the High Priestess removes herself from office. She has a new task – vengeance.

The Third Moment will be rewritten to remove some contentious words. 2018(?).
A restless loner who can’t keep a job or a friend – until Billy. A few moments together, and then he was gone, murdered by the Dreams. But now Billy comes to her in the dreams; he needs her to save all the dreamers – and his soul – before it’s too late and the last door closes the monster into this world for all time.

Other stories on the starter’s block:

A Woman’s Footprint in the Stone of Time – with Rose Brimson
The Tagalong Kid with Rose Brimson
Annandan, Land of Dragons – with Karel Jaeger
Dream Slider
Dream Walkers
Cat Whisperer
Dragons and Beer to Go – with Karel Jaeger
The A-Z of Short Stories (the title will be amended one day).

Pick, Lick, Roll, Flick
The Spexion
Kraken, Dragon, Cat (or Koala, Kangaroo, Platypus? No, there has to be one in the air, one in the water, and one on the ground. Koala doesn’t fly, but he’s in the air at the top of a tree; Platypus is in the water, true, lays eggs but is a mammal, he could do; Kangaroo – leaps tall buildings in a single bound – well fences, anyway – and attitude to boot. Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do).
A Wolf at Heart
Prophesy of the Elder Spirits (Tsuni)
Dream Guild Exile
The Voice of 100 years
Buttons, Caps and Plates
Sage and Marjoram

If there’s anything you want to read, any title that tugs at your desire to know what it’s about, we like to know:

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