Works in Progress

Next Cab/s off the Rank:

Some of the following stories will be co-written with Nan, otherwise known as Rose Brimson, storyteller extraordinaire; some with Shannon Hunter, who loves the YA Fantasy; some with Karel Jaeger, who writes and loves darker fantasy; and some with Cisi De, a young voice, a new voice, a changeling.

The Valki of Three Salt Springs   Sub to publisher
Contemp Urban(rural) Fantasy/Horror
An untested Sylph runs away from her fate, and her mistake – straight into the arms of her mortal enemy: a gnaDenaiad harridan.

Monis Glinker – Priestess Unburdened with Karel Jaeger. May? 2018 Adult Fantasy
When the beast murders her daughter, the High Priestess removes herself from office. She has a new task – vengeance.

The Second Battle of the Wild Hunt by Cage Dunn. Fantasy/Action-Adventure

In Progress


Other stories on the starter’s block:

A Woman’s Footprint in the Stone of Time
The Tagalong Kid
Dream Slider
Dream Walkers
Cat Whisperer
Dragons and Beer to Go – with Karel Jaeger
Prophesy of the Elder Spirits (Tsuni)
Dream Guild Exile
The Voice of 100 years

There are many more awaiting a spin of the story-wheel of fortune.

If there’s anything you want to read, any title that tugs at your desire to know what it’s about, we like to know:


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