The Soggy, Squishy, Centre Sag Syndrome

(of the Wees in Pee, is what I means) Try saying that five times! Yes, it's update time. For what? For this: What on earth is that? look to the link below: And I have to be honest, because the only person I'd be lying to is myself, so here it is, the evidence … Continue reading The Soggy, Squishy, Centre Sag Syndrome

F, F, ‘n F

Probably not what you expect. I'm sure most writers understand the fight or flight response. But guess what? There are three responses. Yep, three. What are they? Fight, flight and freeze. And they each lead into each other. The freeze response is usually the first. It's the immediate gut reaction, that hard knot that stops … Continue reading F, F, ‘n F