Is there an emoji for a jaw drop? Go Bears!

Who wouldn’t love this? I certainly do! Have a look-see at the bakery bears

Frank Prem Poetry

I’ve spoken before about my attempts at creating a picture book, and how I’ve proceeded with the Bakery Bears, to the point where the two little books I’ve created out of the set pictures and responses that I had available to work with.

Well, they are both listed on Amazon as available for pre-order with a release date at end-July.

I must be lucky in my choice of categories for these books, because poetry isn’t among the, A little chat with a group of bears didn’t feel like it could be called poetry, so I focused on Kid’s book categories because you have to list somewhere, right?

I love that little yellow ribbon.

If you would like to pre-order a copy just to see, here is a link.

#1 Hot New Release!

Wow. Just wow.


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