Travellers – a Short Story

Journey! As if there was a defined destination, as if there was a chance of returning. Journey, be damned. Exile. And now the last stage: execution, dismissal. If one thing remained, it was the capacity for revenge. The long-term strategy of the betrayed was something Juno was good at. Retribution. Punishment. Retaliation. She had plans … Continue reading Travellers – a Short Story



A short story. A burglar! She hadn’t seen him, hadn’t heard him. Only the creak, the groan of the old timber bench – he must have leaned on it, or hidden behind it, or used it to propel himself at her as she came in to investigate the noise. The television sound from the back … Continue reading Burglar!


The newspaper glared, the screen screamed, the phone jangled. Her eyes couldn't see, her ears couldn't hear - the last images that made sense were graven into her brain. That list, the one she barely glanced at, shouldn't have been interested in - it was the name that jumped out first. Then she saw the … Continue reading Time?


The small town - could Eva remember the name from the map? - didn't even qualify as a 'one-horse town' because there wasn't a soul on the street. Probably sensible - the heat! She'd torn her sleeves off hundreds of k's ago, stripped off her jeans and worn shorts (for the first time ever!), and … Continue reading There