Spirit Moments

Originally part of Trail of Tales, Adelaide Fringe Festival CS Dunn ©2015

 The sheoak whispers and sings

A wattlebird warbles and whistles

The laughing bird claims the tree – my tree, my tree, mine


A possum tail hides high in the river red gum

Silver-green leaves revel in the dancing light

Shivers of bark peel and curl and swirl down the trunk

The ancient tree claims the ground – my place, my place, mine


The shuffling, scuffling leaves travel the path unknown

Blown by a trickle of breeze that wanders away

Ignorant of the bossy grumble of creek that warns of

The power of earth, of clay, of stone

The swollen ground claims the creek – my creek, my creek, mine


The sway of stems, green, brown, gold

Lit by a hint of sun, of light, of motion

Grasses murmur, rattle, flowers lure

The bee, the bird, the possum

Claim the flowers, the meadow, the stream

The restless creek claims the water – my water, my water, mine


Noise, croaking frogs, screaking insects

Water moves, slides, sloshes

Comes from somewhere to go elsewhere

Giggles and gurgles, splatters and swirls

Splashes and chuckles, titters and cackles

The music of water as it passes

The water claims the rock – my place, my place, mine


The earth, sand, soil, stones

Rocks, grey, brown, tinged with gold

Deny the movement of time

Solid, motionless

They hold their place

Sentinel, foundation

Streaked with white and silver, with memories

The rock claims the age – forever, forever, and now.