A Daily Post with Thoughts of Escape

Running away, finding the way out, keeping the back to the wall with an eye on every point of egress. The loopholes of sanity for those struck with paranoia, fear, or .... That's not me (don't look at me like that!). It might be a character though, so I study these things. It's fun, terrifying, … Continue reading A Daily Post with Thoughts of Escape


It’s All Coming Back …

In a physical sense. I'm back. There's two-inch thick┬ádust on the surfaces (because I didn't cover them!); there's an almost-dead garden (I didn't arrange for anyone to water and it's been HOT!); there's not enough time before Christmas to do everything that needs doing! It's Nan's fault. Yes, I know. She's a nonagenarian. I shouldn't … Continue reading It’s All Coming Back …

A Short Break to Visit the Hill

It seems so appropriate for the Daily Post word to be gorge. That's where I'm going. Somewhere in the Gawler Ranges, to a little house that sits atop a small gorge, apparently. Somewhere near Wudinna on the Eyre Peninsular. Never been there before, but love to see these places. Love to walk them. Sorry, need … Continue reading A Short Break to Visit the Hill