That’s a Desk?

I set out a routine to post two times a week - should I count reblogs? No. Twice a week. That means I have to find my desk - please don't ask! - and do a post today. Somewhere in there, under the piles of 'stuff' is a timber desk. On that timber desk is … Continue reading That’s a Desk?


The Three Things

I have a tag: Fibber, Fabricator and Teller-of-Tall-Tales. That, to me, is three things that give the person who reads them some indication of what they're in for. An account that may or may not be truthful, honest, or even possible. A storyteller invests a lot of things in the story. There may even be … Continue reading The Three Things


  Spirit Moments The sheoak whispers and wails A wattlebird warbles and whistles The laughing bird claims the tree – my tree, my tree, mine A possum tail flicks high in the red gum Silver-green leaves dance in the morning light Shivers of bark peel and curl and swirl down the trunk The ancient tree … Continue reading Poems

Well, Because It’s Wednesday, and I Promised

However, I left out the part about exactly what I promised. I have an excuse. A good one. Valid. 'Flu. It's the first bout I've been afflicted with since 2001 (or thereabouts - who the hell remembers specifics that far back when in the throes of death?). If I had the energy, I'd go dig … Continue reading Well, Because It’s Wednesday, and I Promised