The Big Dream

Two super-duper huge lotto jackpots in the one week! Woo-hoo! Who wouldn't buy a ticket, just in case the big dream knocked at their door? And, yes, someone won the Tuesday big jackpot (how much was it? I don't remember, but it was B.I.G.), and it wasn't me. Wanna know why? No ticket. No ticket, … Continue reading The Big Dream


A Moment in Time

Some stories are a moment in time, captured and played out like a piece of music. An introduction (maybe), a central section where all the notes are dispersed into the world, and into the finale, the wind-down. There may be no other structure to a MOT story, but they are usually well understood. A mother … Continue reading A Moment in Time

I’m Going to Eat Chocolate Today …

It's a rare treat. A lovely, luscious sensation that melts in your mouth like a dream, that rolls over your tongue like a wave of sinful satin, that surges your heart from normal rhythm to on-the-way-to-heaven bells. The smell will wake you from sleep like a lover who knows your deepest desires. Chocolate. I have … Continue reading I’m Going to Eat Chocolate Today …