It’s All In The Definition

Not really. It's in the perception of what the definition means to the person hearing it. Makes sense, right? I have a friend (sad, only one) who asked me something about one of my stories. And I said something along the lines of, 'Well, like any good story ...' and she stopped me, hand up, … Continue reading It’s All In The Definition


A Man Who Wrote Poetry

I saw his name. I read his words. I felt it. Then I read the words of someone else. Those words sparked a sensation, a rawness, within me. "This is what I want, what I need," I said. This is what I saw: ... poet Mark Strand wrote, “There is something about Neruda—about the way … Continue reading A Man Who Wrote Poetry

A ‘Borrowed’ Thought …

Anytime you feel bad about procrastinating, recall that Mozart composed the overture to Don Giovanni the morning of the day the opera premiered. It's the thought of the day from bluebirdofbitterness, (and the music is great, too!). I am in the middle of a busy period of procrastination. The story about the old lady and the mad … Continue reading A ‘Borrowed’ Thought …

Black Cat

  Apparently, it's Black Cat Appreciation day (or maybe it was yesterday!), so here is not just the black cat (Boofie, with a grandpa named Barberry Tom Thumper) but also a few of his friends - and the leopard was his dream-shape. See the poem, Black Cat, by Rainer Rilke.