Last Chance

for the Smashwords sale, that is. It's the only time I'm putting Diaballein up for a freebie moment, and only in the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, so if you enjoy suspenseful horror novella stories, take a chance. But don't wait. July is almost over. And with two new novella stories coming out later this year, there … Continue reading Last Chance

Going, going … soon to be gone

There's an anthology on Smashwords (and distributed more widely, except to Amazon) called Purpose. In a few weeks, it's going the way of the dinosaurs. Unpublished. It's not that I don't like the stories, but they've done their time and I'm currently looking at finding a few more shorter stories to make a new anthology. … Continue reading Going, going … soon to be gone

Diaballein Or here: Books2Read 1. The ghost gums didn’t respond to the movement in the ground. They retained stillness, leaves held tight. Not a branch cracked, nor a twig dropped, not a single exhalation of breath escaped the stomata. The trunks glimmered. The dual light of the moon and its reflection on the still water … Continue reading Diaballein