Take Two: A Re-Launch

The blow to my gut was seeing how unprofessional the story looked - and that I hadn't done that last-minute, last-gasp final check. Oh, I did look - quick and dirty, apparently, because I missed the critical elements that blew it wide open. That hard-drive error - that's the problem. No. That's what I blame, … Continue reading Take Two: A Re-Launch


The Answer

Why are you doing it? I was asked (topic: the presentation next week). Why, indeed. The shortest and simplest reason is because I wasted so much time and effort trying to learn something everyone seemed to think every writer knows without thinking about it – structure. After all, there’s the 3 acts, the Aristotle’s incline, … Continue reading The Answer

How to go one more week without –

Was it a promise I made? Did I say something to someone about having a break from this daily grind - for a whole month? Surely not! Not this manic, obsessed, driven, etc. words-gotta-get-out person! But I did. Whether I promised someone else, or the promise was to myself, I need some time to get … Continue reading How to go one more week without –