The Old Woman and The Mad Horse …

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thriller about a damaged
ex-covert operative in Australia

The Old Woman & The Mad Horse –
Case File for:
The Big Three Mining Investigation


Thriller, Espionage, Suspense in Rural Australia, with a touch of Romance

It was supposed to be a quiet place for a cyber-researcher to take up her new role after the attempt on her life. But the country town of Brimpaen bristles with an undercurrent of fear that Hella Solaris, recently retired from covert ops, can’t leave alone. The instincts that have kept her alive this long are burning worse than the scars from the last failed sting.

And this rot stinks like a shallow grave.
Like someone followed her. Like it’s personal.
When they try to kill the horse, she needs to use any asset she can, including a young girl and her overprotective-cop-father, to find the who and the why – or is she seeing shadows where there are none?

Hold onto your horses as this story gallops through the country town where secrets are held deep underground and high overhead … and all Hella wanted was a quiet life in the country!


– your book is amazing
– [it] held my interest till the end. Many parts made me laugh and smile.
– I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.
– It was a real page-turner! I couldn’t put it down, and want to read it again before I put it in [the library]. This reader was on the edge for the last 60 pages – Well done.

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