Suspense, horror, a tale of fears in Outback Australia. Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is the setting, 9,500 square kilometres of lake in the middle of the desert, alone … do you dare read on?

* * *

Kano Varre, esteemed researcher, seeks a rare mineral — but finds his nightmares come to life.

Eyza Heran returns to Lake Eyre for the annual bird-count and silent contemplation — but hallucinations of talking birds have her packing to go home.

After millennia trapped in time, the Diaballein breaks free of the confines and seeks to open a gateway to brethren — and it needs a body for the task …

Kano and Eyza must defeat the enemy while there’s only one, because if they fail, the world will fall into slavery, torture, death — worse than all their nightmares, worse than any nightmare ever imagined.

Can the ravaged Kano make himself heard above the destructive roar of the Diaballein?

Can he convince Eyza to kill him before it’s too late?

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