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Short stories collected together for a reason.

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Seeking: Short Stories by [Dunn, Cage]

Night Driver light sci-fi, Outback Australian, Nullabor Plain, truckers

Mind-Walk contemporary, ACD, choices, last wishes, Heysen Trail

The Roundel light fantasy, roundel shapes in rhyme and time, mystic

Lost super-short, contemporary

Zani Dacrydium Seeks Similar super-short, contemporary

Love and Loss super-short, contemporary

Tones of Dawn – Reprise! contemporary, art and music, seeing beyond


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A long journey, a lost soul, a destination in mind, and a task to perform. Which of these four stories will open your eyes?

Journey Sci-fi – Journey, they tell her, but for whom?

Long Way Home Sci-fi –  A Stranger in a strange land

Wave Post-apoc, sci-fi – What comes in with the water?

Psychological Reprogramming Sci-fi – the things we cannot see, that know us at our deepest level

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Two short stories: