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A dark urban fantasy/horror novella

Awaken, spirit of Maiden, vessel of a pure soul and bearer of an empath’s heart.
Aventi sends out the call for a new Maiden. If she doesn’t get a replacement, magic will leave her. If that happens, she can’t heal, and her soul remains blemished forever.
Please, she begs, feel your truth.
But when the novitiates arrive without a guide, Aventi must choose — risk death to escort them through the same ordeal that still haunts her worst nightmares, or hide from the responsibility and close the circle?
Can she survive another journey through that hell to seek the path to redemption?
Magic calls — do you hear it? Are you the vessel it seeks?



Outback Horrors

Outback Horrors, an anthology with my story, Itchy. Read at your own risk.

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An anthology for charity. My story is Muddy n Milli.

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A Horror novella, Supernatural, Suspense, Outback Australia.

Suspense and fear in an isolated location. Two people, one Other.
A man possessed must choose between proving his research or maintaining his sanity.
Kano Varre seeks a rare mineral in Outback Australia to prove his controversial research — what he finds is a nightmare.
His mind is possessed by the Diaballein, whose only purpose is to open a gateway to this world for its brethren — the gate opens …
Kano must defeat the enemy while there’s only one, before the world falls into slavery, torture, death — worse than any nightmare ever imagined.
Reviews-Zon, GR,


Herja, Devastation

Nouveau Noir, Poetry & Prose

– – – – –

Herja, Devastation is a tale of
myth and mortality,
wielder and implement,
love and destiny.
Free-verse poetry combines with short prose in the style of an Eddic tale modernised.
* * *
The legend of Valkyrie breathes, as Herja, Devastation, once wronged, aims her mortal agent at her enemies.
Her man bears this tale of vengeance in service to a higher, eminently more noble being. He is her assassin and tool, and she is his destiny and dignity.
In the dirty business of death on demand, a purity of purpose lights the path as he seeks questions, provides answers and justice on her word.
This blending of literary forms creates a unique nouveau noir style for the 21st Century.
Do you dare to tread the dark side?

Reviews: GoodReads, Amazon, LibraryThing, Yours? BookBub


The Old Woman & The Mad Horse –
Case File for: The Big Three Mining Investigation


Thriller, Espionage, Rural Australia, Light Romance
It was supposed to be a quiet place for a cyber-researcher to take up her new role after the attempt on her life. But the country town of Brimpaen bristles with an undercurrent of fear that Hella Solaris, recently retired from covert ops, can’t leave alone. The instincts that have kept her alive this long are burning worse than the scars from the last failed sting.
And this rot stinks like a shallow grave.
Like someone followed her. Like it’s personal.
When they try to kill the horse, she needs to use any asset she can, including a young girl and her overprotective-cop-father, to find the who and the why – or is she seeing shadows where there are none? 
GoodReads Reviews Thanks, everyone! It’s enough to make a storyteller humble (…)


Not On The Cards


Urban Fantasy/Arcane/soft sci-fi – nominated!

A mother will do anything, travel all worlds, through times and planes and dimensions, even beyond the known, for her child.
Chiri’s first concern should be the safety of her daughter, but as the Gate-Keeper responsible for the lives of millions, all now in grave peril due to her error, she must choose.
Will she sacrifice the search for her child, or abandon her world to the fate decreed in the Cards?



acflory (5*) review here. – “a reward commensurate with the challenge.” & “All I can say is that once I started reading, I literally could not stop.”
M said: I enjoyed the book. It read like a short story — very fast paced, very focused on plot.  I got caught up in Chiri’s desires.  …  I liked the way it was a growing mystery enfolded in a sci-fi thriller.
L said: Congratulations! It held my interest, a page-turner! The sense of place -Camberwell, the markets and the junction. It’s real and grounded. I can visualise it all so perfectly. The pace of the scenes … is great, edgy; I felt all the emotions Chiri was going through. I loved it, Cage – not a genre I normally read, so thank you for the introduction and the privilege of being an early reader.
C said: Fast paced from the start; I was completely enthralled with her fears and journey. I would recommend this to the person who wants something interesting and different. Not witches, not warlocks, but enough arcane mixed with soft sci-fi, and in places we can see, smell, and hear. Loved it. GoodReads 
5bayby14uReviews:  4* – A story of needs versus love, of deeds versus promises, of commitment and release.


Who Will Rule Magic?
Kraken, Dragon, Cat vsKangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile


Fantasy Allegory, Conservation by Cage Dunn.
Australia is hosting the International Conference for Creatures of Magic and their Representatives. Standard procedure, a bit of a lark for the delegates. Nothing ever changes. Except this time.
Kraken abdicates. Dragon resigns. The Candidates must undertake the Test of the Puzzle of the Ages or Cat becomes Overall Ruler of Magic, the Overlord. Uh-uh – no way! Cocky won’t let a bird-killer Cat lord it over the Creatures of Air. Not on his sticky-beaking watch. 

Reviews Amazon, Reviews GR, msjadeli, 5bayby14uReviews, Mark GR, D.Wallace Peach, yours??


The Anthologies: 



An anthology of short stories 

Night Driver – light sci-fi, outback Australia, the Nullabor Plain
Mind-Walk – contemporary, ACD, choices, last wishes
The Roundel – light fantasy, roundel shapes in rhyme and time, mystic
LostZani Dacrydium Seeks SimilarLove and Loss – super shorts!
Tones of Dawn – Reprise! – contemporary


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Current Projects

I have a habit of ‘housekeeping’ so if anything has lost its link, you’re too late and it has been deleted/removed/trashed. Sorry.

Other pieces:

Spirit Moments – poem by CS Dunn, published as part of Adelaide Fringe 2016. Market: 8-12 year olds.

Spirit Moments

CS Dunn ©2015

The sheoak whispers and wails
A wattlebird warbles and whistles
The laughing bird claims the tree – my tree, my tree, mine

A possum tail flicks high in the red gum
Silver-green leaves dance in the morning light
Shivers of bark peel and curl and swirl down the trunk
The ancient tree claims the ground – my place, my place, mine

The shuffle and scuffle of leaves
Blown by a breeze that wanders aloft
Ignorant of the bossy grumble of creek that warns
Of the power of earth, of clay, of stone
The swollen ground claims the creek – my creek, my creek, mine

The sway of stems, green and gold
Lit by a dapple of sun and ripple
Grasses murmur and rattle
Flowers lure the bee, the bird, the possum
To the meadow, the stream, the enchantment
The restless creek claims the water – my water, my water, mine

Noise, croaking frogs, screaking insects
Water moves, slides, sloshes
Comes from somewhere to go elsewhere
Giggles and gurgles, splatters and swirls
Splashes and chuckles, titters and cackles
The music of water as it slides over, around, through
The water claims the rock – my place, my place, mine

The earth, sand and soil and stones
Rocks, grey, brown, tinged in gold
Deny the movement of time
Solid, motionless
They hold their place
Sentinel, foundation, strength
Streaked with white and silver, with memories
The rock claims the age – forever, forever, and now.

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