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The Collaboration with 5bayby14u

Stories in Shorts
Dogs N Cats N us



Some Titles were retired and removed from view. More will arrive (Promise!).


Speculations of a Dark Nature

Volume I – Near Death Experiences (NDE)Speculations V1 NDE Cover

Volume II – Alone in the Dark Specs vII v1.0 cover.jpg

Volume III – Beasts and Dragons vol III.jpg

The Complete Set: Vol I, II, & III. Series Cover1bebook.jpg


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Works in Progress

Excerpts from W’sInP

The Third Moment Ch 4
The Third Moment – 1st

the house

The Ghost Story Scene 1
The Ghost Story Scene 4
The Ghost Story Scene 5
The Ghost Story Scene 20

The Title for the Ghost Story: The Valki of Three Salt Springs!!!
Due for release August 2017 (at which time, we remove the excerpts and put the book-links here).

Some Shorts from the Blog:

Not His Name!
The Prod



That Itch
The Shocking Toilet

A Word or Two
The Black Stump
I have a habit of ‘housekeeping’ so if anything has lost its link, you’re too late and it has been deleted/removed/trashed. Sorry.

Other pieces:

Spirit Moments – poem by CS Dunn, published as part of A Trail of Tales, Adelaide Fringe 2016. Market: 8-12 year olds. Spirit Moments


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