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magenta-eyeDiscourse creates and shapes perception: is it Time to bring you forth again – while I keep writing?

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

Two events, it would seem from the post-event interviews – but no, it’s one event seen through many eyes. One side of the team saw the A story, the other team saw the B story.

Perception: it’s how the past creates and shapes what we see and feel and understand today. Discourse [how we communicate, learn, share, be] creates and shapes perception. It’s the same thing as saying: we learn from our history/community; we are what we came from, etc.

Or not.

Two people from the same family, the same school, the same community. One follows the Way of the Past, one steps Away and becomes Other. Different. The Black Sheep.

That person has organised their life, their history, to an outcome that is more purposeful than the norm. A choice has been made, and once made, must be forged. It takes courage and determination to step away from what…

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That’s a Desk?

I set out a routine to post two times a week - should I count reblogs? No. Twice a week. That means I have to find my desk - please don't ask! - and do a post today. Somewhere in there, under the piles of 'stuff' is a timber desk. On that timber desk is … Continue reading That’s a Desk?

Some tips to increase your book sales

I think I have something to learn from this – do you?

Ramblings from a Writer's Mind

So much to do, so little time. (I think I have heard that said somewhere before.)

At least I have found a few moments to share another post about being an indie author.

I do not normally write a ‘list’ style post as they generally tend to be little more than ‘clickbait’.

However, on this occasion, I have made an exception to the rule and produced a sort of list post myself.  But one I hope is better and far more informative than those ‘clickbait’  I mentioned above.

I hope these tips will help you create a book which will sell in (vast) volume.

wheelbarrow_o_booksSmall“On with the post”

I hear time after time and frequently read, on social media, authors asking why no one is buying their book(s).

It could be down to many things, even the lack of serious or targeted promotion.

Novice writers often…

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