The Soggy, Squishy, Centre Sag Syndrome

(of the Wees in Pee, is what I means) Try saying that five times! Yes, it's update time. For what? For this: What on earth is that? look to the link below: And I have to be honest, because the only person I'd be lying to is myself, so here it is, the evidence … Continue reading The Soggy, Squishy, Centre Sag Syndrome

Crutch Words – the Word Police

The Word Police are on the trail of transgressors – are your words on their list?

Myths of the Mirror

wikimedia commons: keystone cops

The Word Police are back at it, rapping on my door and handing out citations. I plea-bargained my way out of jail by agreeing to publically share some of my past transgressions. The hope is that other wayward writers will take heed and avoid my mistakes. Crutch Words is the first in a series of writing tips from the coppers.

What are Crutch words?

Crutch words are words that add nothing to the meaning of a sentence. They’re hollow words that we automatically insert and frequently don’t notice. We want our writing to be tight and sharp. Too many crutch words will slow down the pace and dull the impact.

An interesting thing about crutch words is that we often have favorites. You may never use some words from the list below and use others more than you want to admit!

As a condition of my…

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