Scene 3: The Old Lady & the Mad Horse

Scene 1       Scene 2 The new sign, bright white background with thick black letters, was very simple: Horse. It should be enough to pique some interest. Either to ask questions, or bring people. If she was lucky, someone who’d tell Hella she couldn’t do anything with him because he wasn’t hers. If one … Continue reading Scene 3: The Old Lady & the Mad Horse




Energetic – Word of the Day


The creek line along the outer wall of King’s Canyon.

Elegy For Mother

I stopped on the rise
where the trail opens to a valley,
and sat for a while admiring your view.
I took off my shoes and savoured your sand,
ran my hands down your powdery skin,
stretched my arms out in praise,
breathing you in,
taking you in memory,
sacred memory.
Purified in your creeks,
fuelled by your self-offering,
I reflect this on your paper,
in my electronica chic,
mineral products so smooth.
All that you are is
all that I am,
and all that I have.
Yet, though I valliantly try,
I have left you
like a football I once kicked,
burst and rent.
Kyoto a faded vow,
my lust has consumed you
your energy spent
feeding mine.
And more than admiration,
or the faithlessness of plattitudes,

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Scene 1: The Old Lady and the Mad Horse

Because I'm on a deadline to get a novella finished within the next nine (9!) days, I'm going to share the first scene from one of the new Australian-background stories. Enjoy. Australiana, Women's Fiction - oh, and the title may change (and this is first draft, so I'm happy to take feedback and comments - … Continue reading Scene 1: The Old Lady and the Mad Horse


Don't forget the Smashwords Summer-Winter sale! There's one free book of short stories, and four books reduced by half, but only for July, so if you're late, you're too late. My favourite is Agoness (oh, and Picquet, and Not on the Cards, and even though I will probably never do another Allegory, I quite like … Continue reading This-post-will-self-destruct-in-5-4-3-2-1