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Cage Dunn is an author. The stories told or written by Cage have been out and about in the world for some time. Now the stories are published, it imbues the title of Author.

This Writer of Stories – the main job is to create the product – has published stories for your pleasure. See Titles , and don’t forget to click on Works in Progress to see what the future holds.

Born and educated in Australia, qualified with BA Comm (Professional & Creative Writing) and Grad. Dip. Computing; worked in so many jobs the list goes on for pages – the time has come; the time to share the words with the World.

All words on this site that are strung together to make a connection of sense – they’re all copyright to Cage Dunn. See Policies for further details.

Who is Cage Dunn: a storyteller, a dreamer, an imaginer. Some would say Fibber, Fabricator, Teller-of-Tall-Tales. Yep – isn’t that a storyteller? It’s time to put all those life experiences into stories to share.

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I knew I was a storyteller ….

When I was a child
A very young child
I had many siblings
Some were afraid of the dark
Some liked to listen to the dreams of far, far away
All liked to know
Someone was there
To make the darkness into light
Make the monsters be friendly
Give them dreams of a tomorrow
Where they could be wise
Or wealthy
Or famous
I would tell them the stories
Make them up
Take other people’s stories
Make them our own
Whisper them quietly
Speak them loudly
Sing them badly
I did not write these stories down
But I was the storyteller
And they will all tell you
The story
Of their own word weaver.


Don Massenzio

Received a mention in Barry Dwyer’s book, Systems Analysis and Synthesis – for people who enjoy the challenge; who want to understand what it (‘it’ being business analysis, systems analysis, and putting it all together) means and what it can do.


Herja, Devastation, Poetry & Prose, co-authored
Diaballein, Horror
Seeking, Short stories
Fears, two short stories (free at Smashwords)
The Old Woman & the Mad Horse – Case file for: the Big Three Mining Investigation, Thriller, espionage, rural Australia, light romance
Not On The Cards Urban Fantasy, Light Sci-fi, Contemporary, Arcane
Purpose – a Journey of Short Stories Sci-Fi (FREE on Smashwords)
Who Will Rule Magic? Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile Fantasy Allegory


The Bunch of Retirees:

Picquet, Fantasy, light Sci-Fi. Now retired.
Agoness, YA Fantasy. Now retired.
Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert, YA Fantasy. Now retired.
Dogs N Cats N Us,  A themed anthology with five authors. Now retired.
Stories in Shorts, Anthology of super-shorts with five authors. Now retired.
Spec’s of a Dark Nature –  A Triptych: 3 vol’s themed shorts. Now retired.
The Narrung Sagas – The Journey of Shadow. YA Fantasy. Now retired.
Unknown Sins – YA science Fiction with a tickle of romance. Now retired.
The Blood List – Neo-noir, psych horror, fear. Now retired.
The Third Moment – Update: permissions too hard to get – Now retired.
— Most were retired because they’re YA, and I’ve turned my focus to the dark side of life, the hidden zones, the people who live in those places …