I knew I was a storyteller ….

When I was a child
A very young child
I had many siblings
Some were afraid of the dark
Some liked to listen to the dreams of far, far away
All liked to know
Someone was there
To make the darkness into light
Make the monsters be friendly
Give them dreams of a tomorrow
Where they could be wise
Or wealthy
Or famous
I would tell them the stories
Make them up
Take other people’s stories
Make them our own
Whisper them quietly
Speak them loudly
Sing them badly
I did not write these stories down
But I was the storyteller
And they will all tell you
The story
Of their own word weaver.

Australian Author/s

Cage Dunn is an author. The stories told or written by Cage have been out and about in the world for some time. Now the stories are published, it imbues the title of Author.

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This Writer of Stories – the main job is to create the product – has published these stories for your pleasure. See Titles for all complete works, and don’t forget to click on Works in Progress to see what the future holds.

Born and educated in Australia, qualified in Professional Writing and Computing, worked in so many jobs the list goes on for too many pages – the time has come to share the words with the World.

All words on this site that are strung together to make a connection of sense – they’re all mine – copyright to Cage Dunn. See Policies for further details.

But – as of 2017 – more people have joined Cage; the people on this storyteller site are now:

Cage Dunn [moi] is a storyteller, a dreamer, an imaginer. Some would say Fibber, Fabricator, Teller-of-Tall-Tales. Yep – a storyteller. Met a few people on the travels around everywhere, and they have something to contribute to the knapsack of stories Cage carries around, to draw on whenever the words are ready to become real. It’s time to put all those life experiences into stories to share.

Shannon Hunter is a dreamer and wanderer. She loves a good story and can weave a deep hole in the world in the attempt to get the best understanding all who live and breathe there. Welcome to her world, where horses, dogs, cats and all sorts of critters have their own thoughts and dreams and stories to tell. Shannon lives wherever she damn well pleases and moves on in the flash of a distant fancy. She will be where the stories are rich in the ground-swell of need and completion. Yes, she may appear to be off with the fairies, but that’s what happens when you chase story.

Karel Jaeger is an adventurer who loves to travel, in the real world, in the e-world, and in the psych world. And that’s where he lives: in the places he travels. Keeps in contact with people through the ubiquitous e-links – even if he travels to the dark spots, to the darkest caves, to the blackest minds. He’ll be back – has too many more words to share.

Rose Brimson is retired from all things but words. She writes every day – stories, columns, offerings to the e-world, politicians (because they just don’t behave well, do they?). She has a lot of words left over, so she came to the group to offer the advice of a Nan, and to be the strong and loud and proud.

Cisi De is a quiet person who loves to disappear into the world of story. She is learning how to toughen her skin so she can make bigger stories and share them with the world.



Not On The Cards Urban Fantasy, Light Sci-fi, Contemporary, Arcane by Cage Dunn
Who Will Rule Magic? Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile Fantasy Allegory by Cage Dunn.
Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert YA Fantasy by Shannon Hunter & Cage Dunn.
Agoness YA Fantasy/Military by Cisi De & Cage Dunn.
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Review – A special review by IArtiChokeu

Title: Agoness
Author: Cage Dunn & Cisi De
Pages: 232
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Supernatural

Author Blog


4starMy Rating: 4 Fireflies.

Agoness is a story following a military leader named Landis, who is tasked with protecting a religions daughter, named Agoness. Even with the religion now forbidden within the kingdom, Agoness must stay alive, and fend off the loud mouthed evil Queen and her snotty, arrogant son. There are some pretty big battle scenes, lots of strange magic, and chaotic surprises.

This was a read that didn’t shine for me until about half way through. I had quite a difficult time understanding the beginning of the book. I was actually pretty confused. I’m glad I made it to the end though, because it gets exciting. After a few chapters I started to understand a tiny bit more about what was going on, but still lacked understanding when it came to the story. I would say it wasn’t until after chapter seven that I grasped the situation and enjoyed the story more. Speaking of chapters, there are many chapters within this book. I found it interesting seeing each chapter being so short, but the authors made it work somehow.

Descriptions were plentiful, though I felt there was a bit too much at times. I also misunderstood many scenes. I’m not sure if my brain wasn’t awake, or the story didn’t grab my attention in the beginning. I also assumed there was going to be some trigger warnings with the way some scenes were worded, but my assumptions turned out to be false, and no trigger warnings activated. Instead some strange rituals were done, which is a relief. It also would have helped to have the exact age of Agoness. Well, actually the age of Landis would have helped as well.

The battles are what caught my eye, as well as the unexpected baddies. Though I wondered how enemies obtained such chaotic magics, and how magic even came to be in this world. This book showed an exciting display of how battles can keep us entertained. The battles beyond half way through the book were pretty exciting. I felt a sense of chaos and disorder in this Kingdom, and I loved it. I do hope the authors continue on with their fighting scenes in future books, because they sure hit the spot.

I enjoyed how real Landis was. He’s brave yet he clearly has anxieties, worries, and fears that normal humans posses. He is a leader amongst his men, and does a good job at inspiring them. He’s made many sacrifices for his men and the people around him. Agoness is a character I didn’t particularly care for, though her having a divine type personality lacking emotion made it hard to get attached to. Though, it fits her role well. Every other character had unique personalities, and I enjoyed the dialogue.

Despite its slow start and its confusing descriptions at times, I enjoyed its chaotic battles and uniqueness. The villains were extremely hate-worthy, making you hope they get destroyed, which I appreciate when it comes to the baddies. I also loved how the authors kept it real when it came to emotions and dialogue.

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author.  I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. Reviewing is what I do as a hobby and I will always give my honest opinion.

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