Four Times, Yes

For the last few weeks, this is what you’ve been getting. You get it because I’ve been chopped up (shoulder surgery) and then put back together (I hope) and need some time to heal and get mobility back on board. It’s a slow process, especially with both shoulders now on the road.

So, in the meantime, sans a real post, you get to hear me crow.

Four pieces up and running this year. Wait, let me check. Okay, here goes:

The most recent of my publications, The Call to Magic: Novitiate, a dark urban fantasy (contemporary sliding into Dante-esque), only available at the ‘zon for three months.

Then there’s this from Aussie Speculative Fiction:

Then, there was this one (my favourite story of the year is in here):

And at the beginning of the year, it was another anthology for charity:

Is that four? I hope so, as I’m not going back up there to check. It’s time I put my arm back in the sling, my butt in the big chair, and my head on a pillow.

Night all! Happy reading. But not if you’re Itchy.

Or was there something else …

pps: pls let me know if the links bug out — again!

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