Proud? Yes.

The latest story is here! and in Here (the .com link to the ‘zon)

Libra: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Zodiac (The Zodiac Series Book 10) by [Aussie Speculative Fiction, Helena McAuley, Austin P. Sheehan]

I already have my copy, but the sell date is 8 November which means the north of the line residents need to wait a bit longer. Not much longer, just a tiny few hours and it’s all there, ready to pop into your hot little device.

And once again, if you buy it and find my tiny little (glaring) mistake and let me know here, I’ll send you a free eBook of any of my other titles you ask for (see side-bar or books page, but offer is for my titles only).

Or if you buy it and write a review, I may offer two …

4 thoughts on “Proud? Yes.

    • Thank you. This one is not like the other ones, though, and I doubted it would make the grade. But story is what matters to readers, and it shone through. I’ve enjoyed all the stories in this anthology.


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