Coming Soon to a Nightmare Near You …

A new story, a novella. Want to know about it? Okay, you asked for it:

Dark Urban Fantasy with a touch of Horror …


Awaken, spirit of Maiden, vessel of a pure soul and bearer of an empath’s heart.

Aventi sends out the call for a new Maiden. If she doesn’t get a replacement, magic will leave her. If that happens, she can’t heal, and her soul remains blemished forever.

Please, she begs, feel your truth.

But when the novitiates arrive without a guide, Aventi must choose — risk death to escort them through the same ordeal that still haunts her worst nightmares, or hide from the responsibility and close the circle?

Can she survive another journey through that hell to seek the path to redemption?

Magic calls — do you hear it? Are you the vessel magic seeks?

I’ll be away from the desk for a few days, so you get this earlier than anticipated, and as it’s on pre-order, I can’t put the direct link up so the pic is the D2D link if you’re not in the US, and the ‘Zon link is to US.

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