You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS? – by Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape)

Please, I beg you, please read … writers everywhere need you

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A stack of books and words Read - Review - RepeatIf not, why not?

I don’t have time

The author probably spent a heck of a lot more time writing the story than you took to read it, no matter how slow you think you are, so why not take a few minutes to record your feelings about it.

I can’t write long fancy reviews like those I see on book review blogs

You don’t have to, Amazon, for example, only ask you to use a minimum of 25 non repeating words.

I can’t express myself very well

No-one is asking you to produce a literary masterpiece, start off with things you liked, didn’t like or a mix of both about the book, e.g.,

I liked this book because –

it reminded me of –

it made me think about –

it made me so scared I couldn’t sleep for –

it made me feel homesick for –


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6 thoughts on “You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS? – by Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape)

  1. Cute images! To respond: I do review SOME books I read. Others I don’t because I have nothing to say. I’m not placing blame on anything…but self publishing (to me) has produced a LOT of mediocre books (not judging mind you, someone PUBLISHED their stories, I’ve never done that). Bad editing, bad spelling, or the story is full of hidden pitfalls (like basing the story in New Jersey (for example), but using mostly British idioms. Of course there are all sorts of people in both areas; and I’m sure Brits have settled in New Jersey and vice versa, but I doubt anyone stops to drink tea frequently in New Jersey or says things like Oy! frequently. Maybe it’s the editing I miss in these time passer type books. Sum up: I was taught to stay silent if I had nothing positive to say. I think the authors might appreciate THAT. Just another point of view.

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