It’s All Online

As part of Fandango’s #FOWC, I’d like to complain. Yep. Seriously. It used to be a person could go to the pub, get a drink, snacks, chat with a group of people …

Or even a launch at the library with wine and crackers and well-dressed, well-spoken spruikers of a new book. Wine, fancy beer, fancy dress — probably a good thing I can’t do that. No head for alcohol, no fancy clothes, always with the head in another world. But I love to talk to people about the stories. In person. One to one. In a group. Sitting outside on the grass.

Not any more. We do it all online.

This has been my best year for acceptance of short stories by publishers. Three, so far. I’m thinking of putting another one in for end September (if I can overcome this one last hurdle).

Three. That’s pretty good.

Oh, what are they?

The next one to come out will be the Outback Horrors Down Under. (that’s the .com link but it should pop up on the other ‘zon sites).

14 September 2020

One comes out in late September (tba). That’s the Libra anthology (.com link) by Aussie Speculative Fiction Zodiac Series. The Virgo edition is available for pre-order now. No, I don’t have a story in that one, but I’ve enjoyed all these publications.


I’ve just finished D Wallace Peach’s new first book of a trilogy, and it was a great read (and I’ve just noticed the second book is on pre-order).

And in case you’re wondering, I don’t have affiliate links. I just like promoting the stories I enjoy — and my own, of course. Which I loved while writing, loved sharing, and love hearing about other readers responses to the way they experience the journey.

And I’m still working on the novellas, but may have to finish the whole lot before I publish the first one. I’m wondering if it’s necessary to read them in order, which would make it a serial rather than a series. Not sure.

That project may make me absent from the new publications for a minute or six, but I’ll still be here. Finding stories, writing them down, making sure a reader won’t get too lost, and prepping for publication.

See you on the other side. And enjoy a new book.

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