Last Chance

for the Smashwords sale, that is.

It’s the only time I’m putting Diaballein up for a freebie moment, and only in the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, so if you enjoy suspenseful horror novella stories, take a chance. But don’t wait. July is almost over. And with two new novella stories coming out later this year, there won’t be any more drastic discounts.

And if you do read any of them, please leave a review anywhere you can. The more words written about a story, the more other readers see.

I write reviews, and I’d like it if more people wrote reviews. The reviews I write aren’t full-blown discussions, just how I feel about the story. For me, as a reader, my interest is in the story. That’s what I want to hear about from other readers.

Read a book, write a review. Don’t be the cynic who thinks it doesn’t matter. It matters more than you can imagine. Your words may be the spark that keeps a writer writing. We like to hear what you feel about the story and we love to read the words you write about it.

Every writer everywhere thanks you for the time you’ve taken to share what you think and feel. You are the fuel to our storytelling.

Coming in August is the news of Itchy’s story being published. It’s coming … Outback Horrors from Things in the Well … watch this space.

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