A Journal of the Plague Year

The city is falling to a disease without discrimination. People are dying. One man finds his brother and decides to get out of the danger zone. They travel the country, staying ahead of the trouble.

But the trouble follows them, leaves the dead in their wake.


No, 1665.

But it’s happened again since then, and it’s happening now. People fear the disease, run before it, but leave behind those they infect. Disease manifests in various ways, and carriers often have no symptoms.

One person broke quarantine in Victoria a few weeks ago, and now we have the same story as 1665 happening again.

Don’t be that person, don’t run the gauntlet, hoping for personal safely, when what you leave is death in your footsteps.

This is the book. If you think this is a new thing, think again. If you think people are behaving reasonably by wanting to run, think again. If you think this is a flash-in-the-pandemic, think again.

It’s back. And it’s more virulent. And it wants you.

The cover for the Standard Ebooks edition of A Journal of the Plague Year

9 thoughts on “A Journal of the Plague Year

  1. We really need to remember that lesson from history and it feels weird that one day someone could look back on blogs as a record of the 2020 plague year.

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  2. That was interesting. I’m in a regional area of Victoria where cases are going up every day. Hordes of Melbourne came here over the recent school holidays. I feel there has to be a connection between those holidaymakers and the current spike in Covid cases.

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  3. I would kind of understand if it were the Black Death and people really were terrified, but they’re not. They just want their lives back. They want to go out, have fun, drink, go clubbing, drop their kids at grandma’s, do lunch, get their hair done, all those important things they can no longer do because a few old people might die.
    There’s a word for that, but it isn’t fear.

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