Then …

Young enough to know better, old enough to not care. This was the lady-bike, the other one was a Yamaha 900.

Now …

Old enough to know better, young enough to dare the attempt to fly!

The next one would be post-2020 troubles, but I’ll leave that for a future dream.

And in case you’re wondering, still writing, completed three (or is it five? It’s been a strange year) subs this year, all shorts or novellas. If they don’t get accepted, I’ll do some deep editing and publish later.

28 thoughts on “Then …

  1. Cage, what’s the story on that 2nd picture?? I imagine that to be a rocket ship you’re standing next to. I’m glad you continue your passions. Cool on the motorcycles. I have one sitting in the garage but didn’t have much luck with it. Too ADD for my own safety on a bike.

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    • The tower is a lighthouse on the most southern tip of mainland Australia, Yorke Peninsula. Big, cold winds blew in, lifted the feet off the ground. Warning signs about the strength of the wind and the location of the cliffs and that there was no one silly enough to do a rescue in that area. Okay, they wrote it much nicer than that, but that’s the subtext!
      I really did feel the wind lift my weight from the Earth, into the sky — hold that hat!

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