The Noses!

This isn’t a post. It’s a terrifying moment.

There are a lot of people on the wires, pictures of hundreds and thousands of people in close proximity, doing something powerful.

Some are wearing masks, some not.

But some of the people wearing masks don’t cover the nose!

It might be fine if the nose was something we don’t use for breathing, but we do.

The nose needs to be covered.

And the mouth.

And if this thing has been contracted through the other ‘wet’ area, the eyes should be covered, too.

It’s terrifying to see so many people risk what they’re fighting for by dying for lack of appropriate cover.

Those who speak to the crowds are at a good distance – generally.

Stay alive, cover the mouth, the nose, and the eyes if you can.

Maybe it should be gas-masks? Remember them?

Live long, prosper, protect yourself — and live to fight another day!

I couldn’t find a good picture for human noses, so you get the best nose of all, but please, please, please — cover the mouth and nose.

17 thoughts on “The Noses!

  1. Is that Cujo???? Good advice, Cage. I think of all of the (horror) movies I’ve seen where people are wearing gas masks. I think things are reaching the level of horror where they are needed.

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  2. Here in my location 95%of the people don’t wear mask. Each time I go out and see the number of people working around without mask, I wonder if the virus has gone. But the news says it’s on the increase. Higher new cases every day. I feel that people think that the virus has gone with the lockdown.

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