My Best Reads of 2020, Part 2: More Book Reviews

What’s better than someone enjoying a story?
… That’s right. Nothing. It’s better than chocolate.
And if you want to read ‘The Old Woman & the Mad Horse’, it’s in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale (1 July 2020) @ free!

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Here are my thoughts on four more books I read and greatly enjoyed in the first six months of 2020.

First, books by writers from Australia, which seems to be a beehive of creativity in the 21st century.

Book cover image for The Old Woman and the Mad Horse by Cage Dunn & Rose Brimson

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse – Case File for: The Big Three Mining Investigation by Cage Dunn and Rose Brimson
The tension starts on the first page and doesn’t let up until nearly the end. Hella Solaris is an investigator for a shadowy organization opposing a mega-corporation’s efforts to gain technological domination of the earth’s population. Her intent to step back from active service in a small rural community is thwarted, first by the presence of an angry horse, and then by a criminal element who wants to drive her away, and finally, by discoveries and developments that entangle the personal with the professional.

This is a thriller of sorts…

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No, don't take the following story too seriously. It's not meant to be serious. It's a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants story. It's only a story. Again, With Bite Sit still, you old bugger. I’ll strap you in proper and we’ll head off to the quacks. No, it’ll be quiet. Everyone’s at home. There’s a new illness. Don’t squawk, … Continue reading Seriously?

Going, going … soon to be gone

There's an anthology on Smashwords (and distributed more widely, except to Amazon) called Purpose. In a few weeks, it's going the way of the dinosaurs. Unpublished. It's not that I don't like the stories, but they've done their time and I'm currently looking at finding a few more shorter stories to make a new anthology. … Continue reading Going, going … soon to be gone

Rescue and Redemption – here, already!

Coming soon to a book store near you …
I love Frank’s work, and I’m sure you will, too.

Frank Prem Poetry

It was a bit of a shock to me last evening when I realised that Rescue and Redemption is slotted for release in its paperback form in a day or so, and the e-book version at the end of the month,

I knew these things, of course, because in my great wisdom (or otherwise) I scheduled them that way, but even so . . .

The realisation forced me to get my head back into the right place, firstly by reading through the collection again, from start to finish, and then to get on with a few other things that need to be done, like a Newsletter, and making review copies available to a wonderful group of supporters who have volunteered for the task. This will be the last collection of that kind for the year, I think, so there will be some peace for them (for awhile) from me…

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Diaballein by Cage Dunn – Review

Jim’s thoughts on Diaballein …
thanks, Jim.

A Unique Title For Me

I like Cage’s writing, she is very intelligent and she is a master at keeping her readers in suspense, never giving anything right away, she will make you work to find out what is going on, and you will develop questions along the way.  I am not going to try to persuade any potential readers to read her work, as my purpose is to summarize a few of her beginning chapters, so maybe this should be called a Summary instead of a Review.  Cage does a wonderful job at adding color to her stories with her descriptive adjectives and letting you inside the thoughts of her characters which makes them very relatable.  The title of this novella is a bit scary being “Diaballein’, as the word “devil” originates from the Greek word “diabolos: which means slanderer, and that word comes from diaballein.  Another meaning of this word found in the…

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Is there an emoji for a jaw drop? Go Bears!

Who wouldn’t love this? I certainly do! Have a look-see at the bakery bears

Frank Prem Poetry

I’ve spoken before about my attempts at creating a picture book, and how I’ve proceeded with the Bakery Bears, to the point where the two little books I’ve created out of the set pictures and responses that I had available to work with.

Well, they are both listed on Amazon as available for pre-order with a release date at end-July.

I must be lucky in my choice of categories for these books, because poetry isn’t among the, A little chat with a group of bears didn’t feel like it could be called poetry, so I focused on Kid’s book categories because you have to list somewhere, right?

I love that little yellow ribbon.

If you would like to pre-order a copy just to see, here is a link.

#1 Hot New Release!

Wow. Just wow.


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