Shd’ve Waited

For the re-opening of the shearers

I cut my hair.

It was long.

Now it’s not.


There’s that one bit …

Or maybe a few chunks

Back there


From this side.


Maybe I should do something else with it …


from pixabay:
Am definitely Not, Not, NOT going to show mine without a hat and a scarf and a slick-back clip.

35 thoughts on “Shd’ve Waited

  1. I went with a #9 blade on top and #4 on the sides and back – my hair grows so thick and fast that I’ll probably get in quite a few more before Get someone else to cut it again … if I ever do, I kinda like the ‘shorn’ look! πŸ˜€

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  2. Mine is getting long and I have a white halo around my face. Better than what I see in this picture. Do you think he will ever get a comb through it again? Maybe he doesn’t want to? God had mercy when he created hair, because no matter how messed up it gets, it will always grow out.

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  3. I’m just letting it grow. The pony tail is about 2 inches long now, held in place by one of those handy rubber bands you get wrapped around spring onions. I have an endless supply. πŸ™‚

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  4. I got a photo from our son who lives in London. He has buzz cut the sides of his hair and left just a Mohican in the center. He has thick dark hair so it looks pretty amazing. He is working from home so why not?

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    • There’s not much of a problem with the ghost-line for me, not enough hair for that problem! It just got so long, so annoying, so in-everything that I had to take a radical step. Our shearers aren’t open yet … June 12 or 17 or …
      I couldn’t wait that long. The hair-balls were getting beyond a cough – and people are not impressed with anyone who coughs at the moment.


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