Dear Douglas

Do you know about World Towel Day? Join the spirit of Doug Adams …


May 25th is World Towel Day, a chance to celebrate the life and work of Douglas Adams. Some time ago I took up a challenge to write a letter to someone I admired, so it seems apt to pop it on my blog today.

Dear Douglas

On the face of it, this seems like a ridiculous letter. Primarily because you’re dead. But also because we’re both bloody-minded atheists, so if by some actual miracle you’re sitting on a cloud looking down at me writing this I hope you’ve had a strong word with whoever’s in charge up there, about the cliché if nothing else.

It’s funny how often the themes of God and belief occur in your books and I have to hold my hand up and confess that my current project is smack bang in that territory too (a couple of Greek sailors causing grief to Zeus and…

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The Crooks

Finally, the bit of info for the crooks pops up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back a few posts and follow the progression of the creation of a story. This one has crooks, and I've been a bit lax in giving them a background. Every character needs a background to make … Continue reading The Crooks