If only

Lots of people working from home, lots of people downloading/streaming music, videos, stuff.

All I want to do is write a post, and I’ve started so many times. So many times. But then, the light flickers, the connection is lost, and it’s all gone. Not saved.

The lesson for me is to write it before I post it. Write it in another package. Offline.

That’s not how I do posts.

I plan and write stories offline. Online is a bit of fun, a chance to be off-the-cuff, to not plan. What’s that called?


If only the internet, the connection through the all-powerful, all-good NBN – a bit facetious of me, perhaps, but I’m so sick of being cut off the internet 50-60 times every three minutes.

Not joking.

And not only does it lose the internet connection – the landline, too! Yep. They’re on the same wave. Conjoined. Can’t even talk to people when the internet’s down.

If only I had someone to grab by the scruff of the neck to show them how frustrating their ‘answer’ to ‘everyone having access’ is.

Eff it. I may not post for a while, but it’s not because I don’t want to. I’ll be working on an angry letter to the head of the NBN, and when it’s done, I’ll take it out the back and do a ritual burn (it’s Autumn, but not sure if we’re allowed to burn … maybe I’ll be a bit sneaky and put it in next door’s fire-pit).

Stay safe. Hope you have a good connection.

Photo by Nitin Dhumal on Pexels.com

19 thoughts on “If only

  1. Sooooooo frustrating. We have satellite internet where we live in the country and it is as slow as molasses on a cold morning. It there is a snow storm or heavy rain it goes out. But that does not happen often. Good luck with yours and in the meantime stay well.

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  2. I wonder if the fires did something to your lines? Where I’m at I’m strictly limited by a number of GB each month. Once I hit that everything slows to snail’s crawl. It’s great to live in “the boonies” but if I knew then what I know now about the internet service out here I probably wouldn’t have bought the place.

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    • This is the National Broadband Network, supposedly to put internet to every front door in Australia. And it seems to work fine in Sydney and Melbourne, probably in Brisbane, too, but in Adelaide (a small city, but still a city) we get scratchy, patchy and tremulous connections. And the NBN is part of the phone system, so it goes down and the phone doesn’t work. How to call for help? Have a smart phone … however, not everyone has one of those, and if we have to use smartphones, what do we need the other stuff for?
      It’s not finished yet (some towns and rural areas still waiting, waiting, waiting) and it’s out of date by about a decade. 5G is making people go all mobile and skip direct connections.
      That’s it, I’ll stop the rant now.

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  3. Ours has been a bit unreliable too, but nothing like yours, Cage. Ours goes off and then we have to reboot it to get it back on again, I think there are a lot of people using the internet in my area too, not for work, as I seem to be one of the few people I know outside of my company, who is working at the moment.

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  4. Ugh. Being able to connect via the internet has been the one bright spot during this crisis. I feel for you. I really do. We’re still on ADSL 2 and I absolutely dread the day we’re forced onto the NBN. It had such bright promise and instead…pfffft. 😦

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  5. God, the NBN is the worst solution. As of Wednesday (15th) we’ll have three kids at home, supposedly being schooled remotely, and me working from home three days a week, and Hubster madly applying for jobs, Skype interviews, etc. Disaster freakin’ waiting to happen. Hang in there Cage!

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