Free Writing Course by Rayne Hall

A free seminar – Power Up Your Writing with Rayne Hall:

Nicholas C. Rossis

Writing | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

You may recall how I recently followed a great workshop by Rayne Hall organized by OIRWA.

Now, Rayne is offering a special free seminar aimed at self-isolating writers who wish to take advantage of the pandemic downtime to hone their writing skills.

Course description: Power up your Fiction

The pandemic crisis creates intense emotions and magnifies character traits. Use your observations, feelings, and experiences to enrich your works in progress, deepen characterization, intensify conflicts, and add realism to tense situations.

The assignments in this course will make you a better writer, and at the same time, you’ll reap the therapeutic benefits.

We will not write about the pandemic. Once this is all over, and the last thing people want to read and buy is pandemic stories. Instead, we’ll extrapolate your observations and apply them to the kind of fiction you write.

This is an intensive four-week seminar, with…

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NOTE: This isn’t about spellchecks or grammar. Those things go under the heading of proofreading. As in, at the end of the editing process. Now, back to the point. What is editing? Editing is a strange beast, much more than it first appears. Why? Because there’s more than one purpose behind the main frame of … Continue reading Self-Editing

Stories of Hope Anthology

Fire, Famine, Pestilence – we need some hope. Read on …

Phoenix Addison

Stories of Hope is anthology of stories from over 70 speculative fiction writers from around Australia. It was created out of the ashes of the Australian bushfires of 2019-2020. These fires decimated our country and left a lot of people without homes… or hope. The Australian Speculative Fiction community rallied together and wrote stories of hope, with a speculatve twist.

My story “The Old Mage” is included in this anthology.

This collection can only be purchased online but is available through Kindle and most other ebook platforms. It is only AUD $4.99 and all proceeds go to bushfire relief charity organisations.

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Great Reads at Low Prices

Longoria Wolfe has lots of interesting books listed at low or free. There are: classics, horror - singles by Stephen King and others, Historical Mystery & Suspense, Historical romantic suspense, Family fiction, Mystery Thriller, Mythology, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Thrillers ... oh, and my book The Old Woman & The Mad Horse is listed, and I have … Continue reading Great Reads at Low Prices

Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 31 March 2020

A thoughtful moment captured … oh, and there’s one every day!

Robinne Weiss

Yesterday was Monday, and normally I would have written my weekly blog post at the cafe next to work in the hour before I start. Obviously, that didn’t happen, on the fifth day of our national lockdown. 

But as I pledged to do last week, I’m focusing on the positive. My pandemic poetry, bad as it is, has caught the eye of the neighbours who walk past on their daily outings.

“Mum! There’s another one!” a little girl shouted yesterday.

Mum took it as an opportunity for some homeschooling, having her child sound out the tricky word pandemic.

So the poems are doing exactly what I’d hoped, giving at least a few people something novel and upbeat to discover every day. Easing the strain of our forced solitude, and maybe even eliciting a chuckle now and then.

And when this is over and we can actually go and…

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Criticism for your writing – how to seek it, how to take it: Ep 16 FREE podcast for writers

The second-hardest element in improving writing skills – getting someone else’s observations! Read on …

Nail Your Novel

There’s a lot of criticism involved in being a writer. It’s part of every stage of writing a book. Early on, you need feedback to help you with your personal vision. Later, you might get input from publishing professionals – editors, literary agents, publishers. Some of them might reject your work! (Rest assured, this happens to all of us.) Finally, after all those thrashings, you’ll get opinions from readers and critics. We need thick skins at times; receptive hearts at others. We need to learn who to trust, who’s not a good fit for our aims, who to laugh off with a shrug. And alongside all these we have our harshest critics – ourselves, our hopes.

That’s what we’re talking about today.

Asking the questions is independent bookseller Peter Snell. Answering them is me!

Stream from the widget below or go to our Mixcloud page and binge the whole lot

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If only

Lots of people working from home, lots of people downloading/streaming music, videos, stuff. All I want to do is write a post, and I've started so many times. So many times. But then, the light flickers, the connection is lost, and it's all gone. Not saved. The lesson for me is to write it before … Continue reading If only