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Things in the Well

Call for Submissions
front cover draft A

The next Things in the Well anthology will be Infected and I’m after dark, highly memorable (even moving!) stories of infections, viruses, and other similar apocalyptic conditions… They don’t all have to be bleak, and happy endings or optimistic tones are even encouraged!

No ‘isms’ of ANY KIND will be tolerated. If you have to discriminate against any group of people, make sure it’s the character’s PoV and not your own! Keep gore to the minimum required for the story/effect and don’t let the story suffer for the fact you want to include graphic violence, torture, body horror, sex, etc. These can all have their places in the story (it is an adult theme!) however will not carry a poor story…

Enough to make the story memorable, intriguing, suspenseful, meaningful, and no longer. Whether that’s 500 words or 10,000…

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