Reena’s Exploration Challenge #120 — teaching through…

The rhetoric of selling a perspective …

Tao Talk

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Every person who writes and shares their writing with others is selling a point of view, so in that sense, every blogger/author/social media poster is well-versed in rhetoric. Rhetoric isn’t new. It’s been around since before the written word, when prehistoric humans sat around fires and told stories. I wonder if hieroglyphs on cave walls contained rhetoric? Hey, isn’t that a rhetorical question?

In the electronic age, we are inundated with rhetoric. I feel like I’m drowning in it. Where are the islands to rest in this swarming sea? I would say graphical art is one place, even though much of it springs from the politics of the artist. Poetry can also be very political. Nature is respite when a subject of any creative expression. Do you think that nature art/writing/poetry can contain rhetoric? I think it is more than a rhetorical question. The answer is a resounding yes. An…

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