The NaNo Update:

Nano! Nano! Not quite the same, but what I always think of …

Back to the topic. NaNo. The update. Where am I at?

This is my graph. It’s a clear indication of why I leap out of the blocks. And ignore the timeline – I actually write most from 0400 to 0700, but not in one sitting!

I’m now down to one session a day because I’ve met the target and feel no stress in working toward completion of the editing stage/s. Although this is the fourth rewrite of the story, this is ‘the one’ and has me feeling confident. I think a lot of the lack of confidence prior to this was that this is the middle book of a trilogy – linked by context, not by character – and the fear of the saggy middle was with me from the start. Not anymore!

I’m excited … well, it comes and goes, but the story will be ready for the reader who most begged for it by January, 2020.

I’ll be off-blog for a few days, no writing, probably no reading — it’s a social thing, so I may have to talk to real, living people. The ones who don’t respond to the delete or backspace key … maybe I should look at this as a search for a new antagonist – what do they look like? sound like? walk like?

Wish me luck – and I hope to be back next week.

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