Still in NaNo …

Did I once promise to do a post every few days, or a few days a week, or did I lie and have no intention of doing that? I don’t know. Today there should be a post, if only because it’s been a few days since the last one, but it’s still NaNo and I’m so close, so, so close.

Why do NaNo?

There are benefits beyond the simplest desire to get into the habit of writing every day – and for a purpose.

What benefits?

The biggest one for me is to be able to let my hair down and the muse out and just blot the words out there without any form of constraint. I have notes, sometimes, a rough plan. I always have character motivations, even if not much more.

And most of the time the plans and stuff just fly out the window. Not suicidal, they just leap out at the understanding of the word defenestration – lovely word, leave it in until the end. The playing must go on for the whole month. Words flow, sometimes with purpose and meaning, sometimes with luck and coffee, and occasionally with abandon.

Another benefit of winning NaNo is the ‘offers’ that come with it. A big discount on Scrivener (love Scrivener), and free paperback setup at IngramSparks are the big ones for me. Writers don’t earn much (average Australian author earnings less than 6k. Not kidding), so every discount and freebie is worth the effort to chase.

And now I go back to it,

but know this – I will see you on the other side, with the third rewrite of the thriller. The best one yet. This one will … okay, I’ll leave it there.

* * *

19 thoughts on “Still in NaNo …

  1. I must say, I’m doing quite good on NaNo as well, if not at all as good as you. I am impressed by you, but still satisfied with my own performance. But since my first goal was to get in the habit of writing every day, trying to write as much as possible and then stick to that habit, I lowered my pressure on me a lot. All what I have written this month are counted for. Though a story grows in there as well, most words belong to that, which pleases me. And this story is about to be added to the novel I am working on. It’s quite thrilling too see how it unfolds.
    And I am also thrilled to see I can write 2500 words in 2,5 hours – in English. Even though some of it looks like mere gibberish.
    Could I double that amount if I write in Swedish instead? My mother tounge! Though with this novel it’s too late. Too many words in English already.

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    • I’ve been doing this for a while, and I know that I need to spend three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening, and I have the goal of getting free uploads to IngramSparks. We do what we can with the goals we set ourselves, and hope to enjoy the process and the end result! good writing to you, in any language.

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      • I did that some years ago. Wrote a lot. All my free time. Though I never counted the words and added them to some kind of statistic. It would have been interesting to see now.
        I also had IRL writing friend back then, and attended schools and such. That was very inspiring. Now I have you on the internet. That’s inspiring too, but in another way. 😀

        Unfortunately, then came the burn-out and stayed for a long time, but now I’m on my way back, from neither being able to write nor read.
        It’s like walking though, you have to take one step at a time. And even as little as 500 words are better than none.

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      • … how they talk, how they walk, the glints in their eyes… if their backs are angry… what they do when they are drunk, or just a bit tipsy…
        I know how to do that!!!

        I’m pretty good at showing instead of telling, and in writing dialogues. I only suffered a burn out for some time, I never forgot my skills, my schooling, my knowledge nor my talents. 😀

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  2. There are PRIZES?! I don’t remember that! Darn. I know I can’t reach the 50k, not unless I stop sleeping. Ah well, that’s okay. Teaching’s taking over my life right now, so I need to accept this. I’m just happy I’m writing. 🙂 Good luck!

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