A Little Chat with Klio

A new story is beginning, an older one is brewing, but while the pot for the thriller is bubbling away on the back of the stove, would you like to meet Klio?

She’s the main character in the shorter, darker story. Her name is historical, from ages long gone, from futures as yet undreamed of; she is a musician and dancer who spreads the knowledge of worlds by singing and dancing … until … the sentence is handed down, a sentence from which none have returned …

The opening of the story has a gate, and you are punished to travel beyond this opening:

“The heavy iron gate squealed open on the third push, but not wide enough to enter without a squeeze.”

What is this gate? What are those words? How do you feel about it?

K: Ah, the words on the gate, they’re old words, meant to harm the soul. Do you dare speak them on your journey? I do, I will, because the end of the journey is in the beginning of the journey, and in the travails of the journey itself. In this, it sets you free — so I speak the words:

All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

Do you know where those words come from? Who they come from? Did he escape that place? What was the condition of his soul after emergence, whether alive or otherwise?

K: The answer lies in my name. Music is the answer, in song comes the answer. Fears spread easily, like an illness of the air. They wound and harm, and to heal those wounds requires more words, ones with sweetness and honey, flowers and unguents, applied with hope and passion.

I will share my words with the world beyond the gate, and I will emerge from the other side.

Will you recognise me then? Will you be at the end path to celebrate, or, like the one who sent me in for breaking his rules of painful words, will you sink back into the shadows in shame and fear?

I know these answers. Truly, I have been in this place before, I have walked this path many times. It is no more than the unwillingness to see that blinds you. Take off the veil that covers true vision, take out the wadding in your ears, unhobble your hands and feet so your world becomes part of your breath, so you can feel the beating heart that lies under it all.

Oh, the name. My name is Klio. I am the muse of history, and of harp-playing. I am the music and words and movements that play all things into memory.

Music enlightens, it moves, it turns and it flows. Music is life. I am the representative who speaks for the music. When I emerge from far side, I will speak to you the story of how that gate and its message will be heard no more.

Be there to hear it, on the banks of the river with waters red with strife and lies; it will be dirty from washing away the misconceptions and prejudices that need a gate to hide the path of deception for those in his power.

I push that gate open, but do not follow me there. The sign is not a lie. Nor is it a truth. A warning given to be aware of all things, to see through and beyond, to find a path overgrown and hidden. Truth is the light, not hope. Seek truth and the light will shine on the path. Then there is hope, then there is movement toward the joy of history and music … and future dreams.

Is that enough? I’ll be back later to share more of this journey.

10 thoughts on “A Little Chat with Klio

  1. I love this line – “The opening of the story has a gate, and you are punished to travel beyond this opening” – I had to reread it several times with pleasure peeking and peaking at the idea of being “punished” to travel beyond. That is such a brilliant perspective and insight!

    I don’t read fiction anymore but you make me want to scratch that self-narrative and enter a fictional world of words again.

    Wonderful talent you have and share, thank you, Cage 🙂

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    • Thank you for your wonderful insight. For me, fiction can be a reflection of the outer world, unrestricted by the very fact of being fiction. It’s what lies beneath the words …
      Well, in some works, sometimes, but in the meantime, if it’s also a good story …

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  2. Great work Cage. Always love reading your stories, especially these embryonic ones. I’m struggling with writing at the moment: time, creativity, even the interest. But reading your stuff always reminds me how much I love the craft.

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