Time, Please

Each morning (after checking overnight emails, of course), I scroll through WP posts, and I saw these opening lines:
There are so many things I’d like to write about but the truth is, I don’t have the time.

It’s the same boat, but a different size. I’m not doing puzzles, just the tidying up and finalising of projects.


Two projects.

Diaballein is now available pre-order as paperback. I’ll assume that means all the usual places you buy paperback books online. I don’t have time to look – I have to trust the system. [Did I hear a tilted head and a rolled eye?]

Herja, Devastation is available on pre-order as paperback, and as an eBook (in most places, still herding her toward some of the venues) on 20 Sept. I think that’s US dates, but will I check?

No, still a bit busy.

I learned something I didn’t know on the Herja Project.

Poetry isn’t the same format process to publish as a book. It isn’t. One whole day trying and testing each item a dozen times. Maybe more.

How to poets do it? How do they cope with these problems that shouldn’t be so mountainous?

Well, when that mountain isn’t moving, guess who does?

Chose a different route up that steep incline, and the job is [almost] over.

And then the writer can go back to writing … except for all that other stuff.

As the opening line goes: I don’t have the time … yet.

Soon, baby, soon I’ll be back – I’m sure I’ve heard that before … wonder where?

So now you know. I’m still here, lurking in the shadows, playing with formatting and publishing and stuff until …

Oh, and did I tell you?

Herja, Devastation was nominated for an Award. I’ll have to put a note on my calendar to see what happens …

At least I’ll be able to wipe out two lines on that list tomorrow. Or the next day. And I’ll see you then. Maybe.

Click on the pic for the Amazon.com site for a sticky-beak
Watch this space – will be in eBook on Amazon later today! *smile* Click on the pic to see …

6 thoughts on “Time, Please

  1. First off: LOVE THE COVER! Secondly, I bought an e-copy this morning on amazon and it is sitting in my Kindle reader for PC right now. I can’t get to reading it right away — did someone say not enough time? — but I WILL in the relatively near future. CONGRATULATIONS on winning an award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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