Up In The Air!

The times in my life when I’m confident I can ‘fix it’ are few, but I thought today would be one of those days.

This is to do with ePublishing a new book, the collaboration between Frank Prem and moi! Herja, Devastation should have been easy to upload and get on the road.

It’s poetry.

However, I know about styles and headings and formatting. I do. Did it professionally for [lots of] years.

Did it upload properly?


In fact, it looks a lot like all my bits and pieces were tossed in the air and came down with a slight resemblance to what it should be, but ended up more like this:

Sunday Photo Fiction

I know, I know. This is supposed to be 200 word fiction. But it should be fiction! It should!

In the end, I will beg for assistance. I have no qualms revealing my lack in this regard – any offers of help?


… Hello!

… Hello!

15 thoughts on “Up In The Air!

  1. Don’t feel alone! It took me some time to get my ebook to look presentable. I must have redone it several times. My second ebook was easier, however, I still struggled with getting my poems and images to jive with each other. I’ve considered redoing my books or I may just move on and write another one. Good luck and much success!

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