A Fool’s Dream

On 15 August, the day I’d planned to release the new story, I’ll be crying. My fool’s dream crashed around my ears.


This time I used an editor, well, two editors. The first editor did the big-picture plough-through (that’s plow-through, not ploff-troff), and I got it back and spent A Long Time reworking, reshaping, re-imaging the story before I rewrote it (how many times? Four, five? Unknown, brain won’t register that number).

And now it’s back from the line editor.

I need a coffee or six.

Every single paragraph has comments or notes. Every single one — oh, wait! There’s one … no, that’s the extra comments tacked onto the end.

The hope is gone, the hard work has arrived, and if I raise my head in the near future, I’ll be gabbling like a goose and speaking with strange sounds that don’t quite sound like words.

If I ever thought writing was easy, I’ve been proved wrong since I took it up as a serious tilt at the dream.

If I ever thought the stuff I sent to the editor would come back with a hint of ‘great work’ (I’d settle for ‘good’) I’ve been proved wrong. Everything can be improved, and if I want the next story to be the best story so far, I have to batten down the backside and batter the keyboard.

However, I do work well with guidance, am never offended when someone offers honest and straightforward feedback/comments, and value every second a person puts into what they do to help me reach my dream.

Dream on, Dreamer!

34 thoughts on “A Fool’s Dream

  1. Given how well you write, I’m surprised and dismayed. Are you absolutely sure you…agree with all those corrections? Maybe take a day or three to let things settle before you get stuck into it again. -hugs-

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    • I never consider them corrections, only observations. In the end, the choice is mine, but having someone who’s never read it before making unbiased comments helps me see it in a new light.


      • Ah, fair enough! That’s how I look at editing too. One thing that really helps me self-edit is putting the MS aside so I ‘forget’ the fine details. By the time I look at it again, the oopsies just about leap off the page at me. Changing the font, font size, material etc also helps.
        Best of luck with the editing. 🙂

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  2. Cage, I don’t want to throw sand in the gears here, but how much do you trust the editors? Every single paragraph has notes????? You’ve re-written it how many times???? Is it even what you want to say at this point? I think of editors the same way I think of teachers (no offense to the editors out there!), but those who can, do, those who can’t, edit.

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    • I think all comments are worth reading, what I do with them is another story! But just to get comments is of great value, especially where they say that a specific thing could be made to have a stronger impact – I definitely like that!
      And as my first experience on this side of the editing foray, it’s been eye-opening and wonderful.


  3. It is usually a shock to get anything from an editor that isn’t covered in alterations, so I’m not surprised, but it is painful, and I hear pain. But you do write great stories, and maybe they’re helping you along 🙂

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  4. I am not a writer, author, or professional critic, but it seems to me that with a couple MORE rounds through the “editors”, in the end you will have a different book than the one you began; which means, being so different from the first draft you can try and publish the first draft as a different book altogether! Just change the title. But maybe they have done that already with the title! May I suggest using the title “A Fool’s Dream”? 😚

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