Is that the right word?

Let me fill you in on the deets:

I bought an eBook, non-fiction. Opened it on the reader and tried to use the TOC (Table of Contents) to go to the bit that held the most interest.

In non-fiction eBooks, the TOC is a critical part of the reader getting from one point to another, and I had expectations that it would be the same with this book. It was espoused as such, showing writers how to be professional in their work and how they present their stuff (products, books, stuff).

Did the link lead me to the place in the book labelled by the link?

No, it did not. The page link sent me to the frontispiece. I tried every link in the TOC, and the same result. I clicked on the reader shortcuts to get a look at that TOC (yes, sometimes it’s different – I don’t know why).

There was no TOC, just a weird link that opened a new www page to sell that book.

Somewhat annoyed, I contacted the publisher.

The response was relatively quick. After a week, I contacted them again, to be advised that ‘stuff was happening, and it will be fixed soon’ – but that didn’t happen.

I wait a while, I’m very patient, and contact again. Out of town message, then a curt response, then nothing. The last two messages have been met with stony eSilence.

I get the feeling I’ve been blacklisted by this publisher.

Does anyone wonder whether I’ll buy from them again?

No, me neither. Any publisher purporting to sell products to improve your professionalism but doesn’t show the same level of professionalism in their own work is …

No, I won’t say that, and nor will I mention the book. Nor will I give a bad rating, or mention in the rating/review why it would get a low rating.

Why not? It’s already mentioned in 66% of the reviews.

This wasn’t a cheap purchase. And there are probably other ways to get around, but with crippled hands and limited time – like everyone – I expected better. I’m not going to waste time thinking of just the right word to use the search function (which I can’t use on my portable reader anyway), nor am I going to use the ‘go to’ function after perusing the TOC for what I want.

I want the ease promised by an eBook. I want a working TOC.

And yet, I have asked the impossible, and been blacklisted for it.

Yes, still editing, almost there, almost ready to do the proofread, almost ready to talk to the cover-creator! Woohoo!

17 thoughts on “Blacklisted?

    • I read a lot of books. 7-10 a week, at least. Now that I can’t hold a ‘real’ book, I read eBooks.
      However, on the occasions I do get to read a real book, I do find a finger tapping the corner of the page doesn’t do the job of actually turning the page!

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  1. A functioning TOC is critical to all ereading! That includes fiction, imho. I have a Kindle Fire, and although I don’t lose my place as often as I used to, it still happens from time to time. Being able to find my place again via the table of contents makes the difference between high decibel frustration and a calm, happy reader. While I’m on the subject, I hate TOCs that provide nothing but ‘Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter-who-cares’. If authors are going to provide a TOC, as they should, that TOC should actually help rather than increase the reader’s level of frustration. Make Chapter headings in ebooks memorable, pleeeeeeze!
    Ahem, sorry. This touched a nerve. 🙂

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    • It’s highly likely, considering the reviews have mentioned the problem, and yet, none months later, it still exists. I certainly can’t recommend the book if I can’t access the contents in a clear and easy manner.


      • It’s a benefit of digital books to be able to jump to desired texts in an instant. If you can’t do it using hyperlinks or easy word searches, you’re back to having a printed book and looking for page numbers.

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