July, and Ta-Dah … TDF

If you don’t know what that is, the TDF is the big cahoona of bike racing. Cycling, that is, not the loud ones. Or at least, the machines aren’t usually too loud.

It’s my holiday season most years, but I’m behind this year, so I need to allocate a little bit of time to each.

TDF at night, editing by day. Or should that be the other way ’round? Who knows? Not this little purple duck – is that my team’s colours? Hang on, let me check?

Oh, no – they’ve all changed sponsors, and therefore, they’re all sporting new names and colours!

What am I to do?

I’ll just have to start from scratch, and enjoy each day as it flies by, watching the countryside, listening to the music (SBS is wonderful), seeing the foodie stuff, watching the chateaux as they zoom over head, listening to cows moo, watching horses race the bikes as they zoom past, listen to the honking of horns – cars to get the motorcyclists out of the way, motorcyclists to get the riders, spectators, dogs out of the way.

Oh, and icecream. A person must indulge in icecream while the TDF is on. Must. It’s a rule in this house.

Care to join me? It goes for three weeks, so … pack sensibly, and bring a bib (for the icecream, of course).

That means no pics, no forcing anyone to go to Smashwords to pick up the Orange book for Free! July only, while the race is on …

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