It’s the Age

For most of my teenage years (or was it prior to that heady time?), I believed it was ‘The Age of Aquariums‘ and not Aquarius. Don’t know where I could’ve got the idea from, but it stuck, and I hear the music with the gurgle of bubbles that ripple the surface of fake ponds.

I play the music when cleaning the tank, just to keep them (fishies and muso’s) calm.


But now, thanks to lots of people who wanted to set me straight, who got a good laugh out of it (not to count the comments – aka, guffaws – about the non-tonal attempts at singing), I understand.

Fish have a glass bowl called an aquarium, usually full of colourful critters that suck at the edges of life.

People have a sky-bowl called an age, and that one, only one, was Aquarius, full of colourful critters that suck at anything stinky and green.

I still don’t understand why they can’t be one and the same thing …

Anyway, just dropping in … still editing, almost there, need a massage and a good swim to ease the kinks, and the cover crashed and needed to be started again from the beginning, and software, software, software – the bane of my life. Or is that the gremlin who doesn’t appreciate so many spiders hiding at the back of the desk? Too bad, gremlin. Spiders stay, gremlins go.

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