The Real Country Life

There are times when something catches my attention and brings me to a full stop. Sometimes, it’s a thing that makes me roar with laughter, and I think, ‘Oh, people can be so silly/funny/outrageous.’

Not this time [story here].

A person who lives in the country has a bovine for a pet. He’s a Dexter, a small breed, and common enough on smaller farms or steep blocks or rough ground. And they’re relatively quiet. For bovines, that is.

This person’s neighbour put a complaint to the council that the Dexter made too much noise. Mooing, apparently, at 0930 in the blessed morning.

Okay, I roared with laughter and then I read that the council sent the offending bovine owner a notice to monitor and manage said noise.


There are people who move to the country for various reasons. It should never be for the quiet. There is no quiet out there. Cropping areas have huge machines working day and night for several weeks a few times a year. This is noise, bright lights, and continuous.

That’s farming.

When it comes to animal husbandry, there is noise. They all make noise. Think about it – if human kids are allowed to scream and cry and carry on at all hours, why can’t the animals?

They are communicating.

Even in urban and residential areas, noise limits only apply at certain times. If the excavator arcs up at 0700, that’s legal (they may have to provide a permit, but if they start after seven, there’s no reason to refuse it on noise alone).

Pubs make noise. Roads make noise. People driving to and from work – shift workers, tradies, office workers – all create noise that happens as they move through their day. Even school kids make a racket – and at 0930, everyone who isn’t a shift worker is probably awake and doing stuff.

What is wrong with this neighbour that they complain about noise at that time? What is wrong with this person who thinks the world should conform to their desires?

For crying out loud, don’t move to the country for ‘the quiet life’ – it doesn’t exist, and probably never did.

My message to this neighbour: Move to the middle of the desert, and see how much noise happens out there, in the world of no people, and you may realise that the little bovine is being very courteous by not screaming like a hyena, or howling like a dingo, or screeching like a horn-owl.

Life isn’t quiet. Productive country life is a business area. If you expect quiet in a commercial or industrial zone, you’d be called an idiot. Agricultural business can be both commercial and industrial, the use of machinery (even vegetable growing has noisy machinery) and buildings and processes and [all that other stuff] – they make noise as they make their products

Okay, rant over. I’ll go back to my editing and procrastination now.


18 thoughts on “The Real Country Life

  1. I agree, FFS!! We lived in the country, well a little village with no shops, pub or anything. It was glorious. And we had chickens. Cows were in the field two behind us. We didn’t mind. Birdsong was great. Owls visited, even a deer once.
    Living on the boat was wonderful, very little noise, no passing traffic, but if the wind was in the wrong direction, we heard road noise from the M5 two miles up the road.
    At least animals don’t have blaring (c)rap music on a Summer evening or need the throbbing pulse of full bass to be propelled forward.

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  2. We live in the country surrounded by farmers fields. Things have been quieter than usual this spring because we have had so much rain that they have not been able to get out into the fields to start harrowing and planting. But tomorrow there is sun forecast. That will bring noise but only in the daylight.

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