Tacking into the Dark Side

Do you play on the dark side? Like a bit of suspense in your tales?

There’s a new story, a short one (novella, that’s about as short as my stories get) that got a bit of attention from a publisher, but ultimately rejected.

Which means I may have a new story for you by the end of May.

What is it about?

Blurb: Bird-counts on Lake Eyre are safe times for Eyza Heran, but it changes when the birds talk to her. A warning she should give others, they say. Can she ignore it?
Her mother’s madness is revisiting, isn’t it?
However, when the man’s body lands at her campsite, she can’t just leave him there, can she?
Kano Varre is dangerous, though, and more than he appears. He says he’s possessed, and begs her to kill him.

The title needs some work, so I’ll let you know the final decision for labelling – and cover – next week.

Want a brief excerpt?

Scene 1:

deleted – story will be out soon – will be 0.99 cents for June 2019, then back up to USD2.99.

Coming soon!

PS – I don’t know what happened with the formatting …

17 thoughts on “Tacking into the Dark Side

  1. I like the development taking place, the characters becoming ‘real’ and the storyline is intriguing. I fail to understand publishers, some of the crap I see in bookstores makes me wonder if they know a good manyuscript when they see one.

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