The News

I’ve managed to catch up with one or two emails … and one I didn’t want to find. Apparently, the costs for Ingram Sparks are on the up (they’re the ones who do paperbacks for indies like me; I don’t know about the rest of the industry, but it’s happening here).

1 April 2019 is when it happens, so if you want a paperback copy of the book, better do it before (Australian date-line) then, because it’s going up. If I don’t change it, I’ll make less than nothing, and that’s a real thing, so … before 1 April 2019, from wherever you get your paperback copies of Print on Demand books:

The eBook price

… isn’t changing. If you’re in Australia, this is the link and you’ll notice the difference … but BookDepository does better.

UK, get it here. That’s the Amazon link, but if you use elsewhere, please get it from your favourite place.

Reviews: in Aus, and US.

Sorry, but everything goes up apparently, unless you’re over [damn, no old jokes, puh-lease!]. Enjoy. The next book is a bit behind ‘cos the power bill wasn’t paid (yes, that’s an attempt at humour), so maybe April unless it goes to the list of stories subbed to trad publishers.

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