A Candle

Never go back! Isn’t that the rule? Keep moving forward, you can’t go home, things are never the same as remembered.

What did I do? Of course, I went back.

I’m here now, standing in front of the first home I remember. Okay, it’s true – the only home. Even had a few siblings related by blood.

So long to be away, and the only thought on my mind was to see home again. At least once.

And I’m here now, looking through the door and into the past.

But it isn’t the same. The sounds are gone, the garden is a jungle of weeds, the windows are free of glass.

Even the roof is missing. The place is a wreck, a skeletal framework blackened and jagged, an open wound. The scar in the street, the ghosts of the town.

Now it’s not a home; it’s a property, a sign out front where the words are all shot to nonsense — but it doesn’t say home or house. It says property. And a fresher scrawl below the words, where a knife has gouged away the paint. A game of hangman, with no letters, and the gallows is the house frame, and the face – well, that’s mine. Or at least, the hair makes it look like me.

No one’s fixed it, no one’s bought it, no one’s dared to walk across the boundary.

I’ll be safe here. I can go inside, light the candle that was lit that night, and dream of when it was nice to be a kid.

It might even feel like home after the sun goes down. Maybe this time, when the candle falls, I’ll go out with the house, too.

Another short, and an update on Ninny Rhino – if you don’t know what that is, there are explanations in other posts – due to the back going out and doing a snit, a dislocated thumb, and a general reliance on painkillers (nearly wrote painfillers) that blot the brain cells, very likely will not meet the target.

Why did I want to? To take advantage of the free setup for paperback with Ingram Spark …

Well, it will have to wait for next time, so adieu for now, and if I’m not responding, or taking too long to respond, now you know why – but, as someone famous once said – I shall return!

Whether triumphant or not only time can reveal …

20 thoughts on “A Candle

  1. Sounds like you have been smashed and mashed, though painkillers can dull the muse it sure did not do that with this write.
    I enjoyed reading you post Cage.
    Heal well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t help my humour – you really have thrown yourself into this if your back is out and your thumb injured 🙂 but seriously what a bummer, and right in the middle of it all, hope you mend soonish, and I hope you get close to your target.

    Liked by 1 person

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