The Soggy, Squishy, Centre Sag Syndrome

(of the Wees in Pee, is what I means)

Try saying that five times!

Yes, it’s update time.

For what? For this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ninny-rhino.jpg
What on earth is that? look to the link below:

And I have to be honest, because the only person I’d be lying to is myself, so here it is, the evidence that the last few days have been, well,


Forward movement is still there, slowly, slowly, go the words that build it into the realm of the real.

Slowly, slowly, but forward is forward, through sludge and mud and reshaping and drying and providing more framework, removing the

scum …

Now, I head back to the blocks, the chair, the desk, open the notes, the plans, the discussions … and off into the darkness of unknowing that creates comprehension (yeah, right! Laugh all you want, words is words!).

Cheers, see you on the other side. If I find the way out …

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