Ninny Rhino Day 3 Aaaaaannnnndddd – Smashwords Book Links

Ninny Rhino update, day ..? Something like that … And don’t forget the Smashwords Read an eBook Week!

slowing down …

Okay, so I’m a bit slack at updating the daily stats, so here’s Day 3 of Ninny Rhino:

I tend to race out of the blocks to get ahead so there’s a bit of breathing room later down the track – will I see you there?

Oh, and don’t forget (tomorrow?) the Smashwords Sale is On!

Smashwords Home Page

Click on the White (or is it green? – please work!) to go to the page for that book. If it doesn’t work (not me, the link), click on the Smashwords Home Page text – for all of them! Cheers, enjoy …

12 thoughts on “Ninny Rhino Day 3 Aaaaaannnnndddd – Smashwords Book Links

  1. Nice going! Did you outline?
    I completely forget about Ninny Rhino. Mush is my brain. I am contemplating especially since I found write a novel in 30 days on my bookshelf and it might be interest to Ninny Rhino and do the workbook.

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    • Could be very interesting to see how it works out – I’ve seen the book (30 days to write a novel), and wonder, wonder …
      Luck, and many wise and concise, precise words to the journey.


    • And yes, I start with a beat sheet for each character, do a rough outline with the main points filled in with high emotions, and then fill in the ‘between’ scenes – but it often flies out the window once the cheese is let go at the top of the hill!


    • I wondered what I’d done for that – then had to pull myself together … oh, of course, the schedule to get stuff done ‘cos I’m stuffing around too much and playing and pluffing and getting led astray … but now I go back to work.
      Forcing myself to meet a deadline made me see a big hole, so I spent most of today rewriting a big section – it certainly added to the numbers. Will I survive tomorrow? Only time will tell … how is yours going?


      • Um…+9? I did take out some stuff from yesterday though. Actually today was a crappy day. Been up since 60 wetting things down ‘in case’. Thank god nothing happened here but Gippsland is copping an absolute beating. I want this bloody summer to be OVER. Sorry.
        Wordcount aside, I am getting into the story again so I’m pretty happy. 🙂

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      • 95+ was what it was meant to be – don’t know what happened (not my slippery fingers, sweating so bad from overuse, overwork … no).
        Even though I force myself to do ‘number crunching’ word counts, it’s not really what matters, what does matter is the real story, what it needs to say, but forcing myself to keep moving often means I work through the red-flag areas, or see them more clearly when I come back and wonder why it didn’t work.

        I hope the fires don’t come your way. There’s a storm coming – we got huge thunderstorm last night (didn’t cool it down, just humid) which started a few fires.
        I’m always watching those things …


      • I know what you mean about forcing yourself to keep moving. I have to write every day, even if it’s just a little. For me it seems to be two steps forward and one back, but the one I’m left with is ‘better’. lol
        Humid with no rain here too. I think I felt two drops last night but that’s literally it.
        Stay safe.

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