Sunday’s Splatter

Sometimes, people do silly things. Okay, so that silly person is me. I decided to ‘fix’ the books page, do a page for each book and put it on the drop-down menu.

The first couple of minutes almost ripped my hair out without hands.

What the hell is going on? There were all these funny looking things showing up in boxes and what I saw on the screen wasn’t the same as when I clicked on Preview.

Oh, the idiot thinks, I must’ve pressed the ‘Try the New’ thingy. Idiot! Smack. Eye-roll. Idiot!

One idiot is definitely not enough.

How much time did I waste trying to work it out? Is there an answer to that question?

Well, we soldier on, plough through, push past the obstacles … okay, I only did the anthologies and then gave up and went and sat outside in the sun with the dog. She’s got the right attitude.

If the sun’s shining, sit in the sun. If it’s not shining, curl up on the couch.

I should’ve done that.

Want to know what the worst part is?

I don’t plan my posts, I use them as warm-ups to the day of writing. I watch the word count and when it gets to 400 (or thereabouts), I stop and go back and see if it’s okay.

Where is the word count?


And the second-worst thing about this? When I finish the post, I do a ‘copy all’ and paste it into a document and save it to a folder on my composter (whoops, computer!).

What happens now? If I’m in one of those blocky box things, the control A only copies what’s in the box! If I want to copy the whole thing, I have to be ‘outside the box’ … irony, perhaps.

Not at the end yet. Because, through trial and error, I’ve found that to get the word count, I have to be outside the box, click on Control A, and look up at the side-panel – where it shows me how many blocks and the word count!

That means a complete change in procedure. A creature of habit, who uses a mind-numbing ramble of words to … well, ramble until the brain is used to being awake and productive, and now it has to go all technical on me?


Oh, and an update on the WIP? Still going. I’ve gone back to the beginning to sort out some issues, so the ‘new and improved’ (and very likely) publication date will be in March. If I get fast turnaround on the editing, it will be somewhere near the end – I’d like to publish on 22 March – equinox!

Love those days.

Now I have to figure out how to put a picture in here … and then find a new way to open the creative juices so I don’t actually have to do all the swaps between right-brain and left-brain activities … and there’s only one style of heading???? Nope, found the others – not intuitive, not at all.

gah …

Where are the categories and stuff?


Okay, yeah, I found them, but I’m still going outside with the dog. Dog’s are very sensible, you know.

21 thoughts on “Sunday’s Splatter

  1. There’s an option to use the old editor, at least with a new post. You select “Document” at the top of the sidebar on the right, and then you scroll down to the bottom, to “Post Attributes.” When you open this up by clicking on the little arrow, a box pops up with “Switch to Classic Editor” as one of the options. Once you’ve started a post with blocks it seems this no longer available. I’m getting used to the block format, but some types of posts work better with the old editor.

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    • I have a vision for it, but it’s not doing what I think it could be doing, so is it me, or is it the it? I used to be good at this stuff, but they keep changing everything, all the time, and no one can keep up with the manic pace of tech … breathe … breathe …

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    • I should do that, but the blog is (for me) the warm-up exercise, so if it turns into work …
      When I’m finished, I copy it to the folder, but prefer to do the blog posts as a ‘off the top of the head’ play with words.
      Maybe I should be more serious? Or keep the serious work for the novels?

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  2. This has convinced me to continue to avoid the new thing! After a year and a half, I still feel like a newbie, so not welcoming any kind of change. Sorry it’s caused you pain, but thankyou for the insider knowledge in case it’s forced on us ;). I used to write in Word, then copy over, but we’ve updated Word on our laptop (don’t ask me what from or what to. All I know is I don’t like it.) So now I write and edit in WP and then copy it for back-up. Think I’m stuck in my ways. Think your dog is a sensible beast. 🙂

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    • Safe and secure; paper is the one thing cyber can’t steal. I probably should do that, or at least do the first draft ‘off-line’ but more often than not, it’s what I see that pushes me to write something, a picture last time, a word the time before that – and I just go for it, warm up the fingers and the brain, and let it go a bit wild before I return to the job of the planned, structured, and defined writing of the novel …. *sigh* a moment of wild freedom.

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