I See, You See, Not the Same

https://helenevaillant.com/2019/02/26/10678/ A journey's end is nigh, but ever beyond the reach of mere life. "I come, Pythonissa," Barosa called, "lay out the bridge for me." Picture Challenge 26/02/2019 by helenevaillant.com If the bridge did not draw for him, he'd wait. The Moon Mother watched for Pythonissa. He would be easy to see if they but … Continue reading I See, You See, Not the Same


The question raised by #FPQ “Do you believe that anyone can really experience anything objectively? Why or why not?” The first reaction was almost shock. Objective? Humans? Not influenced by personal feelings? Not only is that unlikely, I think it's impossible. Why do I feel that? First, how do we learn? Is it through the force-feeding … Continue reading Discourse

Book Review: Cage Dunn & Rose Brimson. The Old Woman & the Mad Horse – Case File for: the Big Three Mining Investigations

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I just finished reading this book and want to write the review while it is fresh in my mind.

The genre for, “The Old Woman & the Mad Horse…”, by Cage Dunn and Rose Brimson, is action thriller. It takes place in the sparsely populated town of Brimpaen (that actually exists but is being used fictitiously here) in Australia. The story starts out pretty calmly, where Hella Solaris, a six-foot plus tall woman who is an “ex-operative” of a secret organization, plans on settling down from her previous top secret job. She’s had her boss find the perfect little out-of-the-way ranch for her and he’s taken care of all of the paperwork.

It doesn’t take Hella, who is a sharp, trained fighter long to start catching on that something is amiss about the property and the location itself. There is a mystery to be solved, and if it isn’t…

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