GR – Meet the Author -2019

Set the date – 15 January 2019 (is it that already? Time is a slippery thing, runs away from us like scuttle-crabs at low-tide).



I can fly!! Yorke Peninsular light-house. Very windy!

Meet the Author on Goodreads – it’ll be me!

And you can ask me questions about the mad horse – or at least about the story that features the mad horse:

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse - Case File for: The Big Three Mining Investigation by [Dunn, Cage, Brimson, Rose]


And I’m going to offer an added incentive – I’m going to give something away. What?

You can decide – but tell me quick! There are only a few days … so, would you like a new and unseen (as yet unwritten) short story? Or one of the published stories? Or a copy of The Old Woman & the Mad Horse … story?

Dare I say it’s a good story?

Do you want to know more about the background to the character/s? Hella Solaris, ex-covert operative? Or someone else? Tedi, perhaps?

You can ask questions, probe, get the goss … are there other secrets you’d love to hear about?

Be there, 15 Jan 2019, and I’ll answer all your questions … even about the location.

25 thoughts on “GR – Meet the Author -2019

  1. Wow, you sound like a fun author, to say nothing of a person, or something like that. So yes, where is the book to be found and how does a person get one? I am not often a fiction or fantasy reader (oh how droll), but you have my attention. Spell on. Or something like that. Today is my humor day. Enjoy it while it lasts. You never know what it will turn to next. Thank you very kindly.

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    • If you send an email I’ll send you a story. You can choose between allegory (the cover’s not great, but the story is … compelling) or the latest story, a thriller set in an Australian country town — you choose (and let me know if you want it in ePub or mobi (Kindle).


      • I don’t do Good Reads but it’s international so I’d target for 8pm for the place’s time zone you want including +/- 1 time zone as it’ll give people time to get home for dinner. Weekends are difficult. I’d say 9am? to catch people before they go out to enjoy the weekend or at night again after dinner for those who are homebodies. This article talks of the World Cities Culture Forum collecting data on number of bookstores and libraries in cities per capita. #5,6, and 7 is Toronto, New York City, and Sydney. The top 4 are Hong Kong, Taipei, Madrid and Shanghai so English might not be the language to go with there. You can go for mid Australia time zone to hit Australia edge to edge which would include Sydney. Or with Toronto and NYC in the EST time zone, you can go for 7pm Central, which gives you 6pmMountain, 7pm Central and 8pm Eastern. which would be noon in Australia so that’s not so bad if you do it so the noon is Sat or Sun in Australia. Anyways, it’s a thought for next time.

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