GR – Meet the Author -2019

Set the date – 15 January 2019 (is it that already? Time is a slippery thing, runs away from us like scuttle-crabs at low-tide).



I can fly!! Yorke Peninsular light-house. Very windy!

Meet the Author on Goodreads – it’ll be me!

And you can ask me questions about the mad horse – or at least about the story that features the mad horse:

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse - Case File for: The Big Three Mining Investigation by [Dunn, Cage, Brimson, Rose]


And I’m going to offer an added incentive – I’m going to give something away. What?

You can decide – but tell me quick! There are only a few days … so, would you like a new and unseen (as yet unwritten) short story? Or one of the published stories? Or a copy of The Old Woman & the Mad Horse … story?

Dare I say it’s a good story?

Do you want to know more about the background to the character/s? Hella Solaris, ex-covert operative? Or someone else? Tedi, perhaps?

You can ask questions, probe, get the goss … are there other secrets you’d love to hear about?

Be there, 15 Jan 2019, and I’ll answer all your questions … even about the location.


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