My wish for the New Year

I second these wishes – care to weigh in and do things to help?

Superman can't find a phone booth

You can work on “you” any time during the year. Change takes place only when one is truly ready. That is why I prefer to create a wish list each year of what I want changed in the world. If I am able to walk this planet with such goals in mind, maybe my example will inspire others and real change can happen.
I wish the following:
to the parents struggling to care for their family, may they be able to provide sustenance and love for their children
to the first responder running towards danger when others run from it, may you always stay safe
to the soldier thousands of miles from those that love you, may your mission be righteous and your body unscathed
to the healthcare workers who do more for others than they do for themselves, may their selflessness be recognized and appreciated
to the bullied child…

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16 thoughts on “My wish for the New Year

  1. I wish that, if one sees someone or something in need, help then, not move along with an idea that something needs to be done about it. I am very guilty of that mindset and hope to shift and have a commitment starting now to make it so…

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    • I think it’s important to step up, to ask, or make it clear the offer is there … then it’s partially up to the other party to take the next step – if they’re capable or able. Just to step up is a big thing, to speak up is bigger, to do is …

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      • 100% in agreement. From what you say here, take for instance, homeless individuals. There is an assumption every homeless person wants to be in a home and living like the media says we are supposed to live, but if you talk with some homeless individuals, they like being free spirits (even though often mental health issues contribute to that desire). When it comes to humans, for sure. Helping animals in distress, environmental hazards, etc. it’s more jump in get going instead of philosophizing that it’s the thing to do…

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      • A person is what they do, not what they say …
        I don’t know who said that, or if it’s one of those adages written since language was possible, but it’s still true. We are what we do, not what we say (or think or promise).

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      • I do, but for that I need a professional (and $). I can put words together, but covers defeat me, and now that the publishing platform has changed, I’m not sure I can work up the courage to update the books. I will have to one day …
        Any input into what would look good on the cover? what would represent the genre and the tone?

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      • You could have a montage/collage of different actions on it. One part with the council (main people then shadowy suggestion of the assembled), one of Cat being an azz, Probably one in the center with Cocky, Croc, and Roo. One of Kraken and Dragon, as those critters will always be a visual draw. Also… maybe just penciled drawings here and there, to have a visual to affix to. I know when I read a book (not sure how e-version would do it) having a map (of the area where the Council is being held, the pit and cliff they are driven to) one of the council area layout, the map where the 3 travel, a graphic of the boat, etc. They could be pencil renderings inside. Tone: adventure, action.

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